Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday


You know those games you play on long road trips? I live for those games. When Garth and I were dating we used to play the "Would you Rather?" and "If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you bring?" games all the time. I never tired of them. They are so much fun. But I've noticed as we get older, get busier, and just let life get in the way we forget that we need to keep getting to know our spouse. We are constantly evolving, learning, growing and gaining life experience. We don't stay the same. We change. Our food choices change. Our music tastes change. So if we stop getting to know our spouse we will eventually NOT know our spouse. Scary, right?

Garth and I have made it a priority to get to know each other every day. To ask what the high and low was for the day. What we can be praying for each other. What we are looking forward to. What we are dreading. How our day was. If Garth mentions he wants something I make a note in my phone so when his birthday or Christmas roll around I have ideas ready on what to get him. It is the art of studying my husband.

Asking these types of questions like the ones in the link above are important because not only do you get to know your spouse, but you get to dream together. Dreaming together is so important. Garth and I have asked a lot of these questions before, but over the years we get to change see how our answers change. How our dreams change. 

I remember distinctly a night when we were dating. We were sitting on his balcony at his apartment on a late summer evening asking questions and just talking. I remember saying I dreamed of going to Hawaii. Garth said he had that same dream. We talked about how fun it would be if we got to go on our honeymoon. Mind you, we weren't even engaged at this time. But we were looking ahead. Thinking big.

I will always remember that because Garth and I love that we made that dream come true. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon. If we can accomplish that dream, what else can we accomplish? The world is our oyster!

So I encourage you to dream. Get to know your spouse. Talk big goals. Talk small goals. Just talk. Get to know your spouse everyday. Fall in love more everyday. Start with these questions. And please let me know how it goes!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love this... its so true. People change over time - you have to change together..

I'm going to check out those questions - we're taking a road trip to Nashville. Lots of time for talking :)

Shanny said...

Ok this sounds fun and awesome!

I'm about to go click on the link and print out the questions for our date nights :D