Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life Lately

The weather has been absolutely incredible this weekend. It was sunny and in the 60s so we put out our patio set. Too soon? Probably because there was snow on the deck this morning. Oh well, we enjoyed sitting outside all weekend. It was worth it!


Garth and I are still walking after dinner. We have a two mile route that has some really good hills. Yesterday we beat our old record and had our fastest time yet  - 33 minutes!

Garth and I are literally obsessed with Duck Dynasty. It has been on non-stop so we have been recording the older episodes and we just crack up. And if you see the picture below, it looks like Garth is trying to replicate their beards.


Garth had a bit of the stomach bug on Friday, but luckily he was better by Saturday. We went for a good walk, relaxed on the deck all afternoon, and then went out to dinner with friends we haven't seen in a while. Sunday we went to church and then to my parents' house for Easter dinner. It was fun seeing everyone and catching up. It was just a nice, relaxing weekend with good friends and family. Love.


Springtime in Michigan is one of the best times. As soon as the temps hit 50 degrees everyone has their windows down, shorts and sandals on, and the grill going. We were apart of that this weekend. Garth bought propane for the grill and we have been grilling again. There really is nothing better.


So I joke that Garth is a prince from South Africa, but he isn't ready to tell me yet. I was telling my co-worker this the other day and he printed out the above picture with Garth's face photo shopped in. Hilarious!


Renise said...

LOL That picture is great! You mentioned the spring like temps - Until I moved to MD I would have never considered 60's spring like... But after a few years here, 60 degrees is a beautiful and welcome temp! I'm hoping this weekend things warm up here!

Anne said...

how fun to have a co-worker like that! my funny co-worker at work just told us she's leaving for a new job- waaah! it really does make the day better to have nice people to work with!