Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life Update

Last week Garth and I had a gift card for one of my favorite restaurants. I am obsessed with their steak at this place. I had heard they had great sirloin tips, which I encouraged Garth to get instead of his usual burger. I got my sirloin steak like I always do though.
Now, you should know I am not confrontational. If I ask for no tomatoes and I get tomatoes on my sandwich I won’t complain. I will just take them off. I’m go with the flow and avoid confrontation at all cost...
My steak came and I was so excited.  I took my first bite… and had to spit it out. I thought it was a fluke. I took a second bite and had to spit it out again. It was so fatty and hard, even. I made Garth take a bite and he confirmed it was not good. Really fatty. Full of cartilage. It was enough to make me want to go vegetarian eating meat like that.
I’m not one to make a scene and I didn’t want to tell the waitress, but even with the gift card, it was a $29 steak that I couldn’t eat. And I’m cheap. Going out to eat is a luxury for us and I didn’t want to waste a gift card on a steak I wasn’t going to eat. So when the waitress came up and asked how we were doing I (Read: Garth) politely told her (and showed her!) the fattiness of the meat.
The manager came up at that exact moment and I started to get all red and I told them I wasn’t trying to make a scene. They both said I wasn’t at all and asked if I wanted another steak. I should mention here that I had eaten half of Garth’s sirloin tips which were amazing! I declined and explained how I had eaten half of Garth's meal and they took the steak off the bill, apologized profusely, and gave me a coupon for a free appetizer next time I was in town.
Is that not great service, or what? I was so impressed at how they handled the situation. I will definitely go back to a place like that! But next time I’ll get the sirloin tips instead.


Last week Garth installed these super cute lights under our cabinets and I love the way they look. They even came with a switch!

*** has started tackling the wood trim upstairs. We tackled the whole downstairs last year and it proved to be a huge job so we are taking it room by room upstairs. No one usually goes up there but us so we started with the master bedroom. I absolutely adore the way it looks! I am anxious to do all of it and then start on the basement, but I know I need to be patient. Things are pretty around here so I will have to wait a bit. As Garth says, "He gives me an inch and I try to take a mile."


We start our Beer Club officially on Saturday. We are meeting a brewery for the beer sampler and I can't wait to see old friends and tell you all about it. Fun times.


I am not coupon savvy by any means, but I have started using two to three coupons each time I grocery shop saving me $5 to $7 each time. In my book, that is success!

Garth and I were tempted to see The Lion King at the Detroit Opera House this past weekend. The cheapest ticket was $109 (each!) on StubHub. Does anyone else think that is insane? I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway in NYC for $35 a person. Maybe I'm just too cheap for my own good sometimes. I know it will be worth it but paying $235 after taxes for two tickets, plus another $20 for parking plus dinner in Detroit was just too much.


Chandelle Foote said...

My husband installed lights like that under our cupboards too! Love them! They are so nice at night time especially! Or when I need just a little more light while preparing dinner. Enjoy them!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I'm the same way! I never want to send food back...That's why I got married, I needed a man to do it for me! ;)

LOVE the lights!!! We are building a house now and I told B I HAD to have that!!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Love the under-cabinet lights!

Megg Joosten said...

I love beer too, and we go to breweries all the time! I can't wait to hear what you liked!
When we went to Wicked this past year tickets were $70 each, I think? They were also in the cheap seats! But my husband bought them almost 2 months in advance. We're cheap but we also love going to the theater when we can (and these were a birthday present) but I do agree that's quite steep for tickets. Too bad, I've heard Lion King is great!

Kenya @ Life with Giggles said...

That's so cool the beer club!!! How unique!