Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kauai Guide

Do you ever look back and think "Wow. Ten years ago I was in college" or "Twenty years ago I was 9 years old." Sure, it can make you feel super old but sometimes it is just fun to reflect back on where we were five, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago.

Well. Five years ago today I was in the most beautiful place in the entire world. Kauai, Hawaii. Hands down, the most gorgeous place I have ever been (Israel being a close second). Also? Kauai is the most private, untouched, un-touristy of the islands (my style) with the most friendly people I have ever met.

Lets take a look back at our honeymoon in the most beautiful place on earth complete with my tips if you ever decide to go. Which I strongly recommend you do!

But first, can I just show you how young we look! Am I right?! So funny.

Rent a condo.There is a Costco on the island to stock up on groceries for dinner. I mean, why go out to dinner when we had the best sunset view of them all? Bonus! Lunches out are much cheaper than dinner options.

We stayed at a condo in Princeville on a bluff. The views were spectacular. The beach was a steep hike down the bluff, but we went in the winter when the waters are rough and swimming is only allowed at certain spots so that was not an issue for us. We enjoyed touring a new beach everyday. 

Speaking of beaches, you MUST go to Secret Beach. The views will take your breath away. I could literally spend all day watching the waves crash on the rocks.

Rent a jeep. Thought it was fun having a sporty convertible, it was not ideal for the rough terrain.

Eat at Duane's Ono-Char Burger. It is a hole in the wall place. A hut, actually. It is off the highway and I would never have thought to check it out if it wasn't for The Ultimate Kauai Guide. Seriously, best book ever! You MUST get a burger here. We were in Kauai for two weeks and I think we ate here three times. It was just that good.

Go to Poipu Beach. There is great people watching. Great seal watching (proof above). Great surfer watching. Oh, and while you're at it grab a drink at the Hyatt.

Go snorkeling. The water is so clear. The fish are so colorful. It is worth it. Trust me.

Go to a luau.We loved the Grand Hyatt Luau and would recommend it to anyone. It was so much fun. The New Zealand Warrior Dance was my favorite, but it was all great. Very entertaining and I would love to go again someday. Five enthusiastic thumbs up.

Also, do not be afraid of the pig. I thought I would be grossed out to see the whole pig come in and get carved in front of me. Maybe it was because I had a bad seat to this part of the show, but it didn't put me off. In fact, it was the best pork I ever ate. I think I ate about three helpings it was that good. Tender. Sweet. Salty. Crips. Melt in your mouth amazing. 

Whale watch. This is why I was so glad we went in February. The whales have migrated from Alaska and we saw so many tales and even saw a couple of whales breech. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Unfortunately, I never caught one on camera. But trust me. November - March when the whales are in town is the best time to go. Literally one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my lifetime was a giant whale coming up out of the ocean and splashing.

Hike. The surroundings are simply incredible. Pictures just don't even do it justice. I actually wish I wasn't such a wuss and did MORE hiking. Note: The trees are huge and their roots look like snakes. But there are no snakes on the island. I kept forgetting that...

There are spiders on the island. Fear the spider. This guy is much bigger than he looks and we stayed far away from him. He was on one side of the balcony so we were squished up in the other corner of our balcony. Also, Kauai has mosquitoes  We were in the hot tub at our condo and Garth leaned back, exhaled and declared "This is the life!" I looked over at him and burst out laughing. He had over fifteen mosquitoes on his chest. No joke! There are mosquitoes, even in paradise.

Last, but definitely not least. Drink a Mai Thai. Preferably from Princeville Resort.

Ahhh memories. I can't wait to go back someday!


Sassy Engineer said...

My Father-in-law used to live in Kauai, and it was AWESOME! I am glad to have him closer, but it was amazing getting to visit him there. Loved all the pics :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

We've never been, but hear such wonderful things! It is fun to look back! What a great post and beautiful and fun pics!

Anne said...

haha "fear the spider"... looks wonderful, I would LOVE to go sometime!

willtherebecake said...

Great list! My hubs and I went to Kauai about 3 years ago and I would also suggest checking out the Napali Coast. We took a party cruise and a helicopter tour to see it and it was by far the most beautiful place we'd ever seen. We stayed on the southwest side, not far from Poipu, but drove up to Princeville just to check it out one day. The whole island is amazing.