Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Five Year Anniversary Recap

Garth and I celebrated five wonderful years of marriage on Saturday and we celebrated in the best way possible. Garth made reservations at this amazing restaurant in Plymouth called 5ive. I mean, does it get more perfect than that? Eating at 5ive on our five year anniversary! Oh, but it does.

See, 5ive is in our favorite hotel, The Inn at St. John’s. A gorgeous boutique hotel, if you’re ever in the area. The hotel also has special meaning to us because my work had surprised us with the amazing Ambassador Suite for our wedding night. THEN Garth had surprised me on our one year anniversary with a regular room at St. John’s, but I found out about it because I’m a snoop. I casually mentioned it to a staff member at St. John’s while I was over there working on an event expecting a free dessert or something, but this amazing staff member looked up our room we had on our wedding night and upgraded us to the same room for our one year anniversary! We were so blessed and excited and filled with sentimental feelings to have the very same room.

Well, wouldn’t you know? Garth was making reservations for 5ive and decided to surprise me AGAIN with a room at St. John’s. Of course, being the snoop that I am I found out about it. Now, the regular rooms are gorgeous and lovely and perfect. But I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be fun to have the same room again for our five year anniversary?’ I emailed a dear friend and staff member and she was able to upgrade us to the very same room!!!!

To say I was excited about this would be the understatement of the year. I was beyond thrilled. I had just one upped Garth and his surprise. Muahahahaha!

We enjoyed a lovely anniversary meal at 5ive. There are a few appetizers there that we are obsessed with so we just ordered a bunch of small plates - pork belly, spinach and artichoke fondue with flat bread, crab cakes, and Mediterranean pizza.

We both got a beer. Garth got an IPA

I got the Belle's Brown Ale

We were brought this delicious dessert after our meal

After our meal we checked into our GORGEOUS SUITE!

I just love this suite. Seriously, the prettiest hotel room I have ever stayed in.

It was so romantic and snowing like crazy outside which made it even more romantic.

We had the most lovely time. We had the Valentine's Day Special so we got two chocolate martinis at the bar included in our stay and then we went for a swim in the hotel pool complete with a lazy river. Fun! 

It was so much fun. So relaxing. Good quality time with my man. We slept in on Sunday and lounged around. We had late check-out so we ordered room service for lunch.

Garth got the char grilled burger and fries.

I got the avocado club sandwich and it was incredible!!!

It was a wonderful, memorable weekend. We did a lot of goal setting for the next year and had fun reflecting on all the memorable moments of our five years of marriage together. How was your weekend?


Jen Caputo said...

Aw, sounds like an amazing time! Happy Anniversary you guys!

Anne said...

that sounds wonderful Lindsey! how fun to get the same room over and over! :) I love you guys and your goal setting- you dream together, love it.

Lauren said...

what a fantastic anniversary celebration! congrats on 5 years!

Erin Reissig said...

Aw! How awesome! Congrats!!!!

Linnea said...

Happy 5 year anniversary! Looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

LWLH said...

Sounds amazing!
Happy Anniversary!! :)