Friday, February 22, 2013

Fit Friday: Operation 40

The last few weeks have been brutal for weight loss. I never do manage to have self control when we are eating out or celebrating. And vacations? Forget about it. I am the worst. 

But it's a new week and it is on. I plan to lose ten pounds a month so by June 1st I will have lost 30 pounds. Another 10 pounds in June and maintain 40 pounds lost in July and I will be at my goal weight by my thirtieth birthday. I think it is manageable. Doable. I just gotta suck it up. Cut my portions. Run at least three times a week. I know what I need to do to lose it I just gotta do it.

The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 2 lbs
Pounds to Go: 38 lbs

Woohoo! I woke up on Monday and weighed myself. Almost had a heart attack. Weighed myself on Friday happy to see the scale move a bit. I just keep reminding myself I didn't gain 40 pounds in a day. I'm not going to lose them in a day or one stinkin' week. I know that. But part of me hopes to see my goal weight on the scale when I weigh in at the end of the week. I lost the weight before over a span of about four months so I know it takes time. And patience. There will be set backs. It will be hard. But it will be worth it. 

My plan when I get to my goal weight is to buy these cowboy boots and a jean skirt:

And wear them on my 30th birthday! That is my motivation. Along with the obvious other reason - be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin.

This week I kept my calories under 1500 using MyFitnessPal app. I did the Shred Level 3 every morning before work. It's amazing what a good workout will do for your self esteem. I feel like I can tackle the world after a good sweat session. 

I did not do as well on my meal plan this week. I mean, breakfast and lunch are no problem. I have plenty of fruits, veggies, Kind bars, soup and hard boiled eggs on hand to make smart choices. It is just dinner that is a struggle. I worked late every day this week and just do not feel like cooking when I get home so takeout has been a friend of ours. I use coupons though, does that count? I did make an organic spinach and feta pizza on Wednesday that was incredible! 

I know the key to success is to plan ahead. I recently read an article in Real Simple about making rice and noodles, grilling chicken and making a chili on Sunday that can be used all week long to make enchiladas, pasta, stir fry etc. I think that will help a ton in our takeout dinner problem if some of the meal prep is already completed. Do you have any tricks or tips for making dinner easy and healthy to avoid the takeout temptation? 


Anonymous said...

I hope this won't hurt your feelings, but it seems you, like many of us, are always doing the yo-yo thing with weight and dieting. It's just so unhealthy, physically and mentally. I did that for years and I was miserable. Can I make a humble suggestion? Read the book Women, God, and Food by Geneen Roth. I struggled for years with seeing the scale go up and down and either always feeling like I was obsessed or was a total sloth. I read this two years ago and it completely changed my life. It is not a diet book or anything, it's really just about becoming more intuitive with your eating and thinking about what food really means to you. I have stayed a consistent size (somewhere between my heaviest and my skinniest) and I finally feel like I have a good relationship with my body and with food since reading it and doing some of the emotional work that went along with that. Anyway, I hope you'll consider it.

Susannah said...

You're gorgeous, girl! It's definitely wonderful to get healthy - just remember that your weight doesn't define you. You rock! :-)