Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

I love this show on Food Network so I thought I would do my own little version of it here. Lets get started!

Best Fried Food
This is a tough one because I love all fried food and I have had a lot of amazing fried dishes in my life. It was a toss-up between fried zucchini (from Boonedocks) and fried tomatoes. Ultimately, Calhoun's fried green tomatoes won primarily because they are such a rarity for this Northern girl. I was obnoxious and ordered this appetizer at every single restaurant while in the South. LOVE.

Best Breakfast
Hands down from this cute little B&B in South Haven. It is owned by this cute Christian couple in a quaint Victorian house with the  biggest hot tub in your room you will ever see. It is so peaceful there and Lake Michigan, wineries, and restaurants are all just a 2 minute drive away. But Ginger’s breakfast is the real reason we stay here. I’m a picky eater, but I will eat anything she makes. And we have gone here a couple times and have never had a bad meal. Every morning of your stay at 9:00 a.m. a picnic basket full of goodies arrives on your doorstep. Best way to wake up EVER. I dream about these breakfasts. And don’t plan on being hungry until dinner time because Ginger is not shy on servings.

Best Cheese Dish
The Union in Clarkston has THE best macaroni and cheese dish I have ever had. It was creamy, savory, crunchy and oh so flavorful. I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. YUM.

Best Steak
This was an easy one - The Chop House in Ann Arbor. I didn't take a picture of the steak because I was too busy enjoying it so this one of me with my red wine at The Chop House will have to do. Anyways, THE absolute best filet mignon I have ever had in my life. It literally melted in my mouth and was so so so flavorful. Out of this world amazing and I would have this steak and garlic potatoes as my last meal.

Best Fish ‘n Chips
NorthPeak Brewery in Traverse City has THE most incredible fish ‘n chips I have ever had. Crispy, buttery, deliciousness with waffle fries and a nice nut brown beer. I don’t think it gets better than that.

Best Mexican
I love love love Mexican food so this was a difficult choice. But if I factor everything – atmosphere, drinks, margaritas, salsa and chips it has to be Red Mesa Grill. Their margaritas are killer. The atmosphere is fun. The fajitas are out of this world delish. The salsa is fresh. It is a must stop when we visit Traverse City.

Best Dessert
I’m not big on sweets. I prefer popcorn after dinner than dessert any day. But, by the sheer fact that I ate GOLD this has to be the best dessert I ever had. It was good, but the experience was so much fun that I had to vote it as the best dessert. Garth took me to Cygnus 27 on my 26th birthday and it was truly magical. We still talk about eating gold here. Fun times.

Best Hibachi
NakatoJapanese Restaurant in Myrtle Beach is my ultimate for Hibachi. The chefs are always entertaining and funny, the food is always unbelievable, and we are always on vacation when we are here and what’s better than being on vacation? We have eaten here every year we have gone to Myrtle Beach which means we have been here about 18 times. Yes, it is just that good.

Best Sandwich
I love a good sandwich, but the most unique yet delectable sandwich I ever had was at Centre Street Cafe in Traverse City. I had the Avocado Tofu sandwich and it was amazing!

That was fun. Now I’m hungry. And want to go on vacation. J


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

You just made me VERY hungry! hahahaha

The Kinards! said...

Yummm!!! Your hair looks so pretty in the pic with the wine glass at the steak restaurant...your description of the steak had my mouth watering ;) how is p90x going?? I'm starting Les Mills Pump next week!!

Anne said...

love that pic of you in the hat! super cute! and ordering fried green tomatoes does not make you obnoxious at all, more someone making the most out of her opportunities! :) like you said, you can't get them up here!

Lauren said...

cute post! love this idea! and now I really need something to eat...anything! ha!