Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life, Lately

Since the marathon ended the most common question Garth get is: “Will you do it again?” At first, his answer (without any hesitation) was: “No way!” Actually, Garth’s exact words were: “No, I’m retired.” But a week later Garth had changed his tune. He actually said to me: “I am not happy with my time. It’s not what I trained for. I think I will do it again.” Oh here we go! Luckily, he isn’t thinking next year. He is thinking more five or ten years from now. Good for him! I probably won't be joining him. Maybe a 5k. Maybe.

Second question Garth gets a lot is: “What are you going to do with all that free time now that you’re not running?” He is most excited to start focusing on music again. Oh and house projects! I have missed doing house updates! He will continue to run, but more like a normal person about three times a week and no longer than 8 miles. I don’t blame him. When you train that hard to run you should keep pursuing it since your body is conditioned to do it.

That reminds me, its funny hearing the guys that ran with Garth talk about what they plan to do after the marathon. Geoff is ready to sign up for half marathons now and Patrick is thinking about French lessons. Why not? Ha!

The past weekend was glorious. Pure relaxation. I cooked. I cleaned. I caught up on all my shows. I took a few naps. Slept in. Read. Went to church. Garth watched lots of football. Perfection. I love those kind of weekends!

I'm so proud of the Tigers! They are rocking it out and I'm hoping for a win tonight so we go to the World Series.

The weather has been cold and rainy lately. We finally caved and turned the heat on the other day. I’m more of a summer weather person, but one advantage to this cool weather is Beef and Black Bean Chili. My favorite winter meal ever! Garth made it this past weekend and it was incredible. I will definitely be putting this back in the meal planning rotation.

Speaking of meal planning, I have been horrible at it lately. Why is it so hard to get back in the grind after going away? Or is it just me?


Miss Caught Up said...

For me, it's hard to get back in the grind because eating out during my travels is so much easier! Plus, I get to try variations of entrees that I don't know how to make at home :)

Lauren said...

oh my goodness, I hear you! I feel like I've been out of meal-plannign mode for months...I seriously need to get back to it!

Anne said...

what??!? 5-10 years from now?? he should do the detroit marathon this weekend- he's already all trained!!! it'd be 'easy' :)