Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu Monday

I have been sticking to our meal plans lately which is a huge accomplishment in my book.  I just love fall food in the crock pot. My meal plan is so boring because you have seen these meals a zillion times but I can’t help it! They are just THAT good and THAT easy. Trust me. I almost feel guilty how easy they are and how dependent on my crock I am.

I did make this beer cheese soup on Saturday because it is amazing. Why else?! I made it last year for my brother and SIL and we ate it with soft pretzels and it was incredible. So it was a nice treat on a crisp day after Garth ran 20 miles (yes, 20!!) and I did P90X. It is amazing. Like think about it on a regular basis. Dream about it. Delectable! See. Sometimes I do cook without my crock pot.

Garth didn't enjoy it as much as I did and he said something was missing. I told him I omitted the carrots and sausage. I'm a picky eater and I don't like them in my soup, but Garth disagreed and wished I had made it with sausage.

Two things I learned this weekend:
1. I get my picky eating from my dad.
2. KIND bars are my new favorite breakfast.

But without further ado here is the menu for the week:

T - Trader Joe Spinach Pie
F – Spaghetti with Classico Garlic Tomato Sauce, onions and Green pepper (G’s recipe)

Does anyone else have trouble taking pictures of food? I need a new camera because it just doesn't do it justice and Instagram on my phone is a little better, but not by much. What is on your menu?


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

That soup sounds delish! I tried to make a beer cheese once and it was a big fat fail! Did you adjust the recipe at all?? Some of the reviews said less flour and more cheddar/less swiss.

Also, I loathe taking food pics. They always turn out awful!!

The Kinards! said...

I looove cooking with my crockpot too!!! Kind bars are yummmm!! I love the dark choc cranberry! :)

Lauren said...

I'm excited about breaking out my crockpot for some yummy fall meals! Chili & soups are calling my name!

Anonymous said...

Picky eating is by choice, not genetics! Relax, try new things in food and life, expand yourself! Nothing bad will happen when you let go and give yourself a chance to experience life without rose colored glasses and fear!!!