Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marathon Man: 2nd Edition

Garth is in the final stages of training for the marathon. He has stuck with it. It’s not because of me or any encouragement I could offer. It’s not even because of weight loss or the physical endurance he has gained. It’s not for our church anymore or for the bragging rights. It has become so much more than that.

He is running this thing for Kessia. And all of the other kids in Zambia that do not have access to clean drinking water. I remember one particular long run on a Saturday morning. The sun was starting to beat down and he was getting really hot. It was almost the end and he was running out of steam. He wanted to stop. He was sick of running. He was tired. His muscles were aching and sore. But then he came across a stream of water. The water was so gross that he wouldn’t even put his feet in, let alone drink from the stream. That moment is when he truly realized why he was running. In that moment he felt overwhelmed with the realization as what he was actually doing. He was running so he could raise money and awareness on the clean water needs in Zambia. It became personal at that moment.

He is the homestretch now. He ran 20 miles on Saturday and now the runs taper off until the marathon in just three short weeks. Garth set out to raise $1,300 and raised it in a matter a months thanks to generous people like you. He upped his goal to $2,100 and is only $130 away from achieving his goal to make wells in Africa with clean water a reality. Wouldyou consider helping?

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