Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home Improvement Projects.

The running joke (or complaint) is that everything NOT included in the home warranty keeps breaking. I know it could be worse and I'm thankful for that, but it's putting a damper on my decorating budget!

First, the garage door opener. It broke before we even closed on the house so the previous owners fixed it. They showed us what they had to replace which was good to know because three months later the garage door went out again. It was a $9 part so it wasn't a huge ordeal getting a new one and replacing it. Two months later the garage door opener broke again and needed that same $9 part. Replacing this part every couple months and borrowing our neighbor's ladder was getting annoying and after doing some research we realized this was a sure sign a new garage door was needed.

This past weekend we purchased a new garage door opener and Garth installed it all by himself (with a little help from me).r

He did such an awesome job and I am extremely proud. He was out there for quite some time but you should have seen his face when he plugged it in and it worked! Sheer joy.

In other news, I realized I never updated you guys on our little washer debacle. Bless his heart, Garth tried so hard to repair it. We are cheap and did not want to have to call a repair guy. We researched Google and the manual and tried all of their suggestions. Nothing worked. We finally sucked it up and called a repair guy and he fixed our machine. It turns out this little piece on the top of the washing machine lid was broken and to put a new part in the poor guy had to take the whole machine apart. I am glad we called a professional because we could not have done that! I guess this problem occured due to slamming of the lid, which Garth and I don't do but I guess the previous owners did.

Last night while I was doing the dishes and the scrub brush fell into the garbage disposal. I went to turn the disposal off, but I turned the light on instead. I started screaming because I thought the garbage disposal would not turn off. Garth ran in from the garage and saved the day. But now the garbage disposal is broken and I am mad. I keep replaying the scenario in my head and wishing I had grabbed the brush before it fell in. Guess what though? The garbage disposal is covered on the home warranty, woohoo! Gotta see the silver lining.

It's all part of owning a house though. I get that. And it's worth it. I love my house!


Kristin said...

Oh No!!! Bless your hearts! One day you guys will laugh at all of these mishaps! I hope nothing else breaks. :)

Emily said...

Yay for home improvements! We have 2 garage doors (single ones) and they both have openers but we only have one remote, so that kind of stinks. We keep talking about going to Lowes and seeing if you can just buy the remote and program it for your opener, but we have not made it there yet! I hope we can, otherwise that will be a burden in the winter!

Lil' Woman said...

Big Man is the handy man in our house....I would live in shambles if it weren't for him :)

Carrie said...

Just found your blog today -

After buying our house 5 years ago we are still trying to decide if the home warranty is worth it - But for whatever reason we continue to renew every year. Ha!