Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Musings.

1. I haven't weighed myself in three weeks and I'm okay with that. I like how I look and feel comfortable in my skin.

2. I think I'll start weighing in once a month to make sure I'm on track. So check back next week on my progress and a bikini pic if I have the guts to post it.

3. We have a new couple in our small group bringing us to total of 8 awesome people.

4. We have lots of wine left over from our Wine and Cheese Party we had a couple months ago. It's been fun trying new wines and here are two of my new faves:

5. Garth discovered the amazingness of Bennigan's last weekend. That pretzel bun is genious!

6. I'm obsessed with Groupon now.

7. We watched Soul Surfer and I am impressed with her faith as well as the protrayal of Christianity in the movie... The acting was lackluster.

8. I have watched Shark Week and Soul Surfer in the last week. I think it's safe to save I'm over the ocean.

9. I also noticed a large majority of Shark Week is filmed in South Africa. I told Garth when we visit his birthplace I will NOT be swimming in the ocean!

10. We are going camping with a group of friends soon and I'm excited! I am a little nervous to "rough it" but mostly excited.

11. Garth was cutting the grass Tuesday night and saw a snake. Garth isn't scared of much, but he does NOT like snakes and was pretty freaked out!

12. I've been lazy, but I do plan on posting pictures of some decorating I have done in the house next week. Promise!

13. My 30 minute commute took 2 hours yesterday because of a bad accident that closed the freeway. I hate traffic jams more than anything.

14. Happy Friday friends!!


Lori Alexander said...

I use to not weigh myself either, now I do every morning. I find it helps me A LOT with keeping my weight under control. If I have gained a pound, I eat less that day. I have to tell my husband every morning what I weigh to keep myself accountable. Neither of us ever want to have a weight problem and this helps a lot!

Lauren said...

Oh groupon is incredible! We love taking advantage of their deals!

We also enjoyed Soul Surfer, but thought the acting was a little cheesy...but the message was wonderful!

Congrats on being comfortable in your own skin...I think that weighing yourself once a month sounds like a great plan!

Anne said...

I did hear once that S. Africa has the most shark attacks in the world! watch out for fins! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Yeah I noticed that about Shark Week too...I wouldn't be going in either!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

I have been meaning to watch Soul Surfer. Now I am even more intrigued to watch it. :)

LAURA@laurasblondemoments said...

Happy Friday!

We have been watching Shark Week, and I too am over the ocean for the summer for now. I used to never think twice about sharks, but I don't think I will be surfing anytime soon! My husband loves to surf and never thinks about the sharks. He did tell me though, that when he surfed in Seattle and California, that you always keep your feet moving so you don't get mistaken for a seal in your wetsuit. REALLY!?!?

I definitely don't weigh myself each week, especially while I have been pregnant. It depresses me too much, but I was SO happy to find out I had actually lost a pound this week when I went to my OB appointment this morning. I have bikini body envy right now, but hoping to get in shape for next summer. At least a girl can hope, right? lol

Groupon is awesome, and so are other flash sites like heartsy, zulily, and living social.


Anonymous said...

Totes haven't weighed myself in a while too, that's pretty sweet! I don't think I could ever post a picture of myself in a bikini, but props to you when you do so! :)

And as for shark week, just the thought of sharks on tv makes me shudder! I can't bear to think about watching any of the shows!

*^_^* said...

Me neither. ;D