Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wanna Be Cook and Grocery Store Expert

I have learned in my quest to be a "good wife" that I long to cook...Or so I thought. I love collecting recipes, and reading cookbooks. I have so many recipes and so many cookbooks but I have never made a single recipe! Wait, I take that back. There was this one time I actually did make homemade faijitas from (and Garth thought they were fabulous I must add)! I think I have the cooking potential, I'm just not ready to dive into the cooking world yet. I'm testing the waters, but who needs to learn to cook when your hubby loves it? And is so good at it!
I have started doing the grocery shopping since the Olympics have been on. See, Garth used to come with me, but he is so addicted to the Olympics, so I went by myself. I'm like a lost puppy in the grocery store because I have no idea where ANYTHING is! And, frankly, sometimes I just have no idea what I've been asked to get. I am not ashamed to have had to ask what minced garlic and thyme was!
I bought all organice this time. It's easier without him over my shoulder saying "That doesn't look good!" or "That is too expensive!" In the end, I bought all organic foods (even organic cheetos to make Garth happy) and he ends up loving the tastes. He may do the cooking, but I help us stay fit so it's a win-win right?

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