Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthday Weekend

So the title of the blog is "learning to be a wife' but I think it would be more appropriately titled 'spoiled wife.' I seriously am spoiled by Garth! He still does the cooking and laundry, but this past weekend he outdid himself!
I am the planner in our relationship. I planned the honeymoon, the wedding, the camping trips, and the NYC getaway. I enjoy it so I don't mind it. But Garth was determined to make my 25th birthday very special, even though he makes me feel special everyday! He planned and organized a whole weekend getaway by himself. Well he did get some advice from his boss and Claire, but he was organized with folders of directions, itineraries, and schedules. I was so impressed! He would send me clues in the weeks leading up to my birthday so I had learned we were going to be in a 4 diamond hotel outside of Traverse City and we were going hiking at Sleeping Bear Dunes.
I was in for the trip of a lifetime! It was like a second honeymoon, especially with everyone asking if we were on honeymoon! He took me to The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Acme, MI and we had the time of our lives. We ate good food, swam in our 4 different pools and 5 hot tubs AND Lake Michigan, went to different wineries, and enjoyed sunsets over Grand Traverse Bay. It was incredible.
I adore getting away from the distractions and business that is our lives and spending quality and quanity time with my best friend.
Garth had many firsts this weekend. He went to his first casino... and hated it I might add. This is good because I also hate casinos but he had to at least experience the madness of it. We feel we beat the system since we didn't spend any money at the casino. We enjoyed the bright lights, listening to the bands, and watching others play and waste their money. Then Garth saw his first sand dune and climbed to the top and ran down. He enjoyed this a lot and I was excited to share in this new experience with him. It reminded me of being a kid because I haven't ran down a sand dune since I was a kid. He had his first wine tasting and wine tour and loved it. We learned a lot about wine, tasted some amazing Michigan blends and met some fun people along the way. Garth has never swam in Lake Michigan and he did. He has grown to love Lake Michigan as much as I do. He even agreed that it was his fave Great Lake which is huge because he would always disagree and claim Lake Huron was better. I guess his reasoning was they had great ship wrecks that were fun to dive.
I couldn't think of a better way to start out my 25th year! Thank you to my wonderful, loving husband who I adore!

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