Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Opposites Attract

Garth loves tomatoes. I hate tomatoes. I think the Cadillac XLR is the most beautiful car. Garth thinks the Corvette 2009 is the most beautiful car. I am always cold. Garth is always hot. Garth prefers a concert. I prefer a musical. I enjoy luxury hotels. Garth enjoys camping. I prefer a romantic comedy. Garth prefers an action.Garth would rather fly. I rather take a road trip. I follow the rules. Garth believes rules are made to be broken. I prefer Olive Garden. Garth prefers Bahama Breeze. I like Diet Coke with cherry. Garth likes Diet Coke with lime. I want dark chocolate. Garth wants milk chocolate. I like running. Garth likes lifting weights. Garth can play guitar and sing. I cannot do either. I am a country girl at heart. Garth is a old school rocker. I cook with olive oil. Garth cooks with butter. I am convinced "Grease" is the best movie of all time. Garth is convinced "Braveheart" is the best movie of all time. I cannot handle spicy foods. Garth can. Garth will only buy red cars. I will only buy silver cars. I am obsessed with penguins. Garth is obsessed with snakes. I could lay on the beach all day long. Garth would get incredibly bored. I enjoy reading. Garth enjoys tv.
Of course, these are all minor and we have mastered the art of compromise. The important things in life like our religious beliefs, morals and values are exactly the same.

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Anonymous said...

YIP Garth is a old school rocker , its deep in the Immelman blood! LOL

And why is Braveheart like EVERY man's favorite movie? Its Billal's favorite too!

Garth cooks with butter because his dad always does that. Another Immelman thing LOL. You better watch him with those potatoes!

Is he STILL into his snakes?!! That started when he was 5 years old. I was 7. He caught a snake where we lived, a baby one (Im sure it was more like a long worm) and he was so chuffed with himself and since then he was the snake king LOL.

I CANT get why guys prefer tv to reading! Have u ever heard the expression "the book was way better than the movie"?

Garths dad eats tomatoes with every single meal. Best thing to eat to prevent prostate cancer. Gotta protect those family jewles!