Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Life Lately: Week 2

This is what the past week looked like.

Meal planning Monday.

It's going to a delicious week!

Snow cone spotted on my walk.

So cute!

G went back to work this week and his first day back he was twinning with a coworker, lol.

Snow handsome.

Obsessed with hot water with lemon.

This book was so good, but it was not a light read like I thought it would be.

He loves his coat and a warm fire, lol.

Still not over this sunrise.

Morning bowl of fruit with a side of sunshine.

He is so clingy.

Big salad for lunch.

Look for the beauty in every day.

My mom gave us hot chocolate bombs so that was fun to try out.

So delicious.

We realized it was 40 degrees outside so we took our hot chocolate on the porch.

I made Slow Cooker Sausage, Spinach and White bean Soup and Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken and both were winners and will be added to the rotation.

Fave quote from church: "We can't go back to normal. There is no normal. We have changed. The world has changed." Pastor Noel

The evolution...

Of a sunset.

It gently snowed all day Friday which was so peaceful to watch while I worked.

Hot water and lemon with a good book makes for a relaxing Saturday.

And yes, my tree is still up.

I took the ornaments off though.

It's my winter tree now.

That crazy ear! 

This candle smells like being in a coffee shop and I love it.

Manny at sunset.

G and I watched Soul and it's AMAZING.

I loved the message and the music so much.

G's famous omelet.

Started Jillian's Body Revolution DVDs.

G and Manny watching Manchester United.

Greek takeout.

Family zoom call.

I loved this quote on what an idol is that came up in our discussion with life group this week.

Good reminder

Still thinking about this quote.

Haha true story.

Though I would like to cross country ski and/or ice skate so I can enjoy winter more.

We really had no idea.

Great reminder.


Pretty much.

My SIL posted this and it made me laugh.

Bless all the teachers!

For more life lately;

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