Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Life Lately: Week 44

This is what the past week looked like.

October in Michigan is magic.

A fun day with my parents.

Carrot ginger soup on a cold, rainy day was perfection.

Our house is on the market and that is pure insanity. 

We have had 6 showings so far.

One showing was after work so it was a good excuse to go out to dinner.

Beer cheese dip is always a good idea.

Happy Halloween!

My neighbor is hilarious.

Trick or treat!

The trick is it snowed on Halloween.

Well hot dog!

I mixed my usual grilled chicken and cauliflower rice with the chicken marinade from this recipe. So good!

Also, t
his marinade is delicious with crackers.

Happy November!

Cheers to the very best neighbors!

We had the best time playing games and laughing so hard we cried. 

It's a tough life, but someone has to live it.


Shout out to South Africa for winning the Rugby World Cup!

It was quite the difference experience from when he was in South Africa the last time they won in '95. 

He remembers everyone coming out of their houses and into the streets to celebrate.

This time he was alone in his basement cheering. 

I need to stop eating Halloween candy.

Long walks with Manny are the best stress reliever.

Showings on Saturdays means a date to Mitchell's Fish Market.

I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, but their Ahi Tuna Bowl is life.

I couldn't put this book down. I just had to know how it ended. 

It was a great suspense thriller without being too scary. 

I could have used a bit more closure, but I'm hoping for a sequel.


Needed to hear this.

We've had so much rain the river is overflowing.

Cozy night in binging Designated Survivor.


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