Friday, July 7, 2017

June Goal Review

I set goals for the year and check in each month to see how I did. June went by in a blur with packing, moving and unpacking but lets see how I did!

1. Follow Weight Watchers. Check! I lost three pounds. We were doing our Health Challenge so the accountability really helped me in the midst of chaos. Now that our kitchen is unpacked I think I'll have more success in July.  

2. Be intentional with the relationships in my life. Check! G and I planned date nights each week to get away from the craziness of this month and reconnect. We had packing and unpacking parties where we would pour a beer and blast our favorite music and make it fun. I also had a much needed girls night. Deb said it best on FB when she wrote: "Best Friends.....The group of ladies that always make you feel special, make you smile, and share their lives with you. They share their laughter, share their sorrows, and share their stories. They listen when you have nothing important to share, or major news you're bursting about. You exchange accomplishments, job promotions, new houses and baby news. Life is always the best with them, and when you get a few stolen hours away that leave you happy and relaxed, cranking the radio and singing at the top of your lungs on your way home, you cherish those few stolen hours even more 💕 My friends are the best a lady can ask for, and I am so appreciative to have them in my life." That is the reason I am intentional with these relationships. It just makes life so much sweeter!

3. Read three books a month. We haven't had cable or internet the last few weeks so I have been reading when I'm not packing/unpacking. I read Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark and LOVED IT. I also loved The Matchmaker by Elin Hidlerbrand and it was just as good as all of her books. I plan to do a book review post soon!

4. Move fifteen minutes everyday. Check! This has been an easy one to accomplish each day since it's so much fun exploring our new city. We are a half mile from our cute downtown and about .7 miles from these awesome hiking trails on a river. 

5. Do one thing that inspires you everyday. Check! Lately it has been drinking coffee on our new deck, walking in our new neighborhood and listening to really good, inspirational podcasts each morning. It just kicks my day off to a great start.

6. Find a new church community. This just did not happen. I'm still listening to podcasts of sermons from our old church, but we haven't looked for a new church yet. We plan to try one out this weekend though.

7. Read the Bible and write in my prayer journal everyday. Sadly this fell by the wayside when I packed these items up, doh! But I have unpacked them and plan to get into the routine again.

8. Do one house project a month. Check, check, check! We moved out of our old house and moved into our new house!!!! We ordered Chinese food and got to work. Our first weekend we unpacked the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. The following weekend we unpacked the basement bar and organized the rest of the boxes. Out of sight, out of mind! All we have left to work on is the garage and the basement storage area. It might require more purging and creativity on how to store things effectively. But the bulk of it is done and I can't wait to start sharing photos of finished rooms!

Phew. It was a busy month, but such a fun and exciting one! 

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