Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hocking Hills Anniversary Trip Part 2

If you missed part 1 go here.

After hiking around Ash Cave we drove over to Old Man Cave to do more hiking. We started out right away with this pretty waterfall I obsessed over.

Then we followed a trail down and saw THIS. I cannot even with the beauty. This is Ohio?! I felt like we stepped into another world.

I cannot get over how clear the water is.

The waterfalls were just everywhere!

The trails were so impressive. Bridges. Marked paths. Beauty everywhere. And every trail we hiked was FREE. You cannot beat that.

THE CAVE! It seems cool, but it's really a few minutes of walking in pitch darkness with lots of people in your personal space bumping into you.

But really, it was a cool experience and worth the three mile hike. I've never seen caves like this so it was actually pretty breathtaking. 

After our hike we chugged water and headed to see Lake Logan. Gorgeous.

We worked up an appetite so we headed to Millstone BBQ which is pretty much the only restaurant in town with good reviews

The fried pickles were delicious.

And the cornbread. I'm not even a cornbread person and this was amazing.

I had the pulled pork, fries, and mac and cheese. It was all amazing. G had the ribs and declared it one of the best bbq experiences he ever had. 

After lunch we did a little wine tasting at Hocking Hills Winery. I wasn't a huge fan of the wine. Traverse City wine is legit! But it was a fun experience.

And the wine smoothies were worth the whole tasting. SO. GOOD. I would love one of these on a hot summer day please.

On the way back to our cabin we stopped by Cedar Falls. It was by far my favorite. It was so peaceful. I wish you could hear the soothing sounds of the water. Mesmerizing. I could have hung out here all day.

We came back to the cabin and relaxed. We poured a nice glass of wine and ate leftovers from lunch. Delicious!

We enjoyed the hot tub after dinner to soak our sour muscles. The amount of stars we saw was incredible. 

Sunday morning I enjoyed coffee on the deck and a good book.

We enjoyed one more soak in the tube before packing up to go home. As we were leaving the grounds we saw a few deer. Gosh, I miss this place!

A few hours into our drive we stopped in this cute town for lunch. We ate at Logan's in Findlay.

The Lobster and Shrimp Chowder was INSANE. Seriously one of the best things I ever ate.

The mac and cheese was really good too. I love finding restaurants on Yelp and finding a place that has killer food and drinks makes me even happier.

And that wraps up our amazing trip! We got home around 5:00, unpacked, did a load of laundry and prepped for work the next day. Such a perfect way to celebrate nine years on one of the most beautiful winter weekends! We will definitely be back!

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mags said...

What a great trip! Happy Anniversary!