Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hocking Hills Anniversary Trip Part 1

It was spontaneous that we ended up taking an anniversary trip. I had some days off before my new job started and G was able to take the time off. We initially were going to stay home because we couldn't find anything available that wasn't outrageously expensive. 

Then I remembered friends telling us about how much fun Hocking Hills, Ohio was to rent a cabin and hike. With the weather in the 60s in FEBRUARY we found a cabin available and our trip was planned!

We left Thursday evening, drove a little over an hour, and grabbed drinks at the bar next door from our hotel (Hotwire for the win on a super cheap hotel with free breakfast and three stars). It was not anything to write home about so I won't share the name of the bar. It was still a fun experience as we made lemonade out of lemons (did I use that saying right?).

Friday morning we ate a yummy breakfast at the hotel, grabbed Starbucks and drove the remaining three hours to our cabin.

About an hour way from the cabin we stopped in Delaware, Ohio for lunch. Drinking Ohio beer in Ohio, check!

It is just the cutest town with so many great restaurants. I know we will be back!

We decided on Amato's Pizza due to the amazing reviews and G's craving for pizza.

It did not disappoint. G described the pizza, and I quote, "If love had a taste this would be it." Hahahaha. It was amazing. My Greek pizza with olives, spinach and cheese stole the whole show. I will need that pizza in my life again real soon.

We stayed at Getaway Cabins and we cannot recommend it enough. The cabin was gorgeous, cozy, romantic, and private.

The hot tub was the best part. Especially after a long day of hiking. Or in the evening when the stars were shining so bright. Or in the morning when deer would wander around us. Okay. Anytime of day or night is perfect for the hot tub, ha!

We unpacked the car and then hiked a trail on the property. The grounds were unbelievably gorgeous.

We fixed up a cheese and cracker plate, poured a glass of wine and settled in for the sunset.

Saturday morning we enjoyed coffee on the deck and spotted deer.

Our first stop Saturday was Ash Cave. It's an easy five minute walk to the falls/cave and it's a scenic walk. It's a perfect way to get your feet wet and get into the hiking.

It was so pretty. I couldn't get enough of it. We hiked around the cave. We hiked up the cave and had a blast exploring all the beauty. It was crowded since it was sixty degrees in February, but worth it. Highly recommend!

Okay, this is getting long. Stay tuned tomorrow for the second half!


anneseverydaylife said...

That overhang looks so familiar, maybe I have been there!!? The cabin looks so nice, I should definitely go back!

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