Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Great Debate

I keep going back and forth on if I'm ready to give up blogging. A fresh and sparkling new year seems the perfect time to close up shop. But there is something holding me back. I love documenting my life for me. So I can look back on my life because I have a terrible memory. Too see how far I've come. To see the blessings. 

Sometimes it feels like a chore to write here. I feel like no one reads blogs anymore now that there is Instagram and Snap Chat. But I should never do this for the applause. For an audience. It has to be for me.

Then I wrote my favorite post, my look back on the year post. It was so fun to read over my posts from last year and remember all that happened. THAT is why I do it. I love to write. I love to document my crazy,  wonderful, sometimes tragic, awful, beautiful life.

All that to say I am going to keep writing here, but it may not be as often. I think I'm going to take the pressure off and just write when I feel like. Who knows. It could be once a week, three times a week or once a month. I've had the writing itch lately so I'll just go with it!

I do want to say thanks for reading! Thanks for your comments! I always treasure reading them. If you don't hear from me be sure to check Instagram @learningtobeawife. 

Happy New Year!


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I'm reading! :) Glad you'll stick with it. Happy New Year!

Marie-Christine said...

I'm reading too (always but not commenting much!!)

Love your blog and to read your thoughts!

anneseverydaylife said...

I still love reading blogs :) but yeah it has to be for you

Spartylover83 said...

I love hearing about all of your adventures! I also really enjoy seeing what you order at restaurants :D You're in inspiration to us all and remind us to live life to its fullest, thank you friend! But yes, I agree just blog when you feel like it. It's quality not quantity right?? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your adventures + your are funny & good at it. Happy 2017


Melissa said...

I agree that writing/blogging is personal, but I wanted to let you know that I look always look forward to reading your posts!