Friday, December 2, 2016

December Goals

The Christmas season is in full swing. I love the twinkling lights on the tree and seeing all the neighborhood lights as I walk Manny. And a new month means new goals. Lets see what I want to accomplish!

Follow Weight Watchers. I had great success following WW through the iTrackBites app before and am ready to get back into it. This is perfect for me too during the holiday because there is still room for indulgences, but it helps me eat more fruits and veggies.

Live in the moment. I find myself longing for summer. Summer is my favorite season, but I’m trying to find the greatness in winter. After such a beautiful fall it is tough to transition to coldness and gray but I’m determined to embrace it and LOVE IT. Love the twinkle lights. Listen to all the Christmas music. Enjoy the extra days off this month. Embrace the snow and cold and the beauty there can be found in it.

Move every day. I think I’m finally coming to terms that walking is my favorite way to work out and I don’t have to do some crazy intense exercise to feel good. If walking is my jam than let that be enough. And if I feel like than I’ll do intense exercise or try Barre or Yoga. But my goal this month is not to do a certain work out a certain number of days. Just to move every single day.

Read four books this month. I’m still on a reading kick and loving it. I just finished Turning the Tables by Teresa Guidice and LOVED it. So interesting! Can’t wait to share more in a book review coming soon!

So that is what I’m striving for accomplishing this month.

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