Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Happy Hour Chat

One of my favorite podcasts is Jamie Ivey’s Happy Half Hour where she interviews a guest for a half an hour. I don’t usually know who the guests are, but I find her questions fascinating and enjoy hearing the answers. Today I thought it would be fun to play along and answer some of her questions. Please feel free to play along in the comments!

What book/movie/show are you currently telling everyone about?
James Patterson books. I cannot put them down. I have read two and I read both in less than two days. I just love a good suspense thriller and he delivers every time. Next up is the first of his Alex Cross series and I am already so excited. My library has so many of his books and I’m really excited to work my way through them. How did I go so long without knowing about him?!

I have been on a streak of bad movies lately so I’ll tell you about two shows I’m currently obsessed with and raving about to anyone who will listen. The first is Parks and Recreation. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. G and I used to watch it and then stopped for some reason. Well now that it is all on Netflix we picked it up again and we forgot how funny this show is. We laugh so hard and that is my favorite. We are only in season 3 but I don’t remember any of it so I am loving it. I want to BE Leslie Knope.

Secondly, I’m really into Pretty Little Liars. I was in a lull and didn’t have a show to watch and I heard so much about PLL that I thought I would give it a shot. I did not expect to love it as much as I do. I cannot stop watching. I’m already almost done with season 2. I love the characters. The fashion. The music. The storylines. So interesting! I feel a little old watching a show where the main characters are in high school but I got past it.

What is your pet peeve?
Mean people. It’s so much easier to be kind. Why be mean? Condescending? Rude? What’s the point of it? Be nice!

What childhood dream did you have that never happened?
I dreamed of growing up and moving to NYC. I wanted to live in the Big Apple so bad when I was younger. I don’t even know what sparked it. Probably something I watched on television. I had never even been to NYC so I had blind faith I would love it, ha! I did end up going to New York a couple months after G and I got married. It was crowded. Loud. Busy. I remember we were at a red light and someone walked across the street and yelled at us “MOVE!” We were at a red light! I realized then and there I am not a big city girl and we now live in a quiet, country suburb and I would not have it any other way.

What quick, easy meal are you enjoying lately?
Chicken Tacos. It is literally the easiest thing ever. I throw frozen chicken, a jar of Aldi salsa, and a bit of low sodium Chicken Broth to cover the chicken into the crock pot. I set the crock pot on low for 9 hours. I come home to a house smelling amazing and I shred the chicken and serve on a soft tortilla. Easy, peasy! It’s simple, delicious and versatile. Sometimes with the leftovers I’ll heat up the chicken and cook up some rice, throw in black beans and corn and make a burrito bowl.

When you think about your best friends, what qualities do they have?
They don’t judge. They love me for me. They challenge me by asking insightful questions when I’m trying to make decisions. I joke I never need a therapist because Kate is my therapist. She is analytical by nature and digs deep to get to the root of what I need to do. I love processing things with her!

They hold me accountable. Make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Help me be a better person. They get me.

They know me. There is no better feeling than being known. I was recently at Kate’s house for a party. Someone asked what my dad will do after he retires and Kate chimed in about how he loves nature, birds, teaching, and studying the Bible. She knows me (and my family!) so well.

Now it’s your turn. Answer a few of the questions in the comments so I can get to know you better. Cheers!

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