Friday, October 7, 2016

Myrtle Beach Days 9 - 11

My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by Hurricane Matthew! Stay safe! Love!

Friday was our last full day at the beach. Sad story! Even though I feel I savored every moment it still flew by way too fast.

It was another great beach day. We saw pelicans and we saw a dolphin jump straight out of the ocean! I will never forget that moment. We had sun and hot weather. I swam laps, swam in the ocean (the jelly fish were gone!), walked the beach and read.

The view just does not get old. So gorgeous!

After lunch we came back down and this big dark cloud moved in and it started to rain. My parents went up to the room, but G, Brad and I headed to the hot tub and hung out in there for a while. When the rain let up we swam and caught some really great waves. So fun! I rode in quite a few waves and on my last full day at the beach I bit a wave and broke my favorite sunglasses! But I'll take it over a jelly fish sting or shark bite. A small price to pay for the fun we had in the ocean! We did some more beach sitting and just soaked up our last day at the beach.

In the spirit of trying new restaurants this trip we forgo our usual Nakatos experience and went to Miyabi for our last meal. The reviews were better and a guy at the pool had highly recommended it as well.

Hibachi magic. Our chef was great and very entertaining and the food was incredible. My dad proclaimed it the best meal of the trip! We loved it so much we even each ate our leftovers for breakfast the next day so they didn't go to waste.

It's not a vacation until Brad doodles on your take out box.

Saturday morning I woke up super early to finally get my sunrise. It was worth the wait!

We ate our leftovers from Miyabi, packed up the condo and checked out. Since it was an absolutely gorgeous day, high 90s and sunny, we headed to the beach for a few hours to soak up the last bit of beach time. I rode in so many great waves. It was so hot we swam in the ocean a ton and just had a blast. Soaked up every last moment!

We changed out of our suits, packed up our beach chairs and headed out for a late lunch. We had seen an advertisement for Anchor Café and it had good reviews and it had a view. SOLD. It was too pretty so sit inside on this day. There were plenty of boats and jet skis going by to entertain us and the wind made it bearable to sit outside.

We even saw a cute little turtle family.

I believe every vacation should end with champs so that is what I had.

My mom and I shared the Salmon BLT and fried Grouper. Both were delicious and it was the perfect meal to end our time in MB.

As we walked back to our car we saw some really great yachts. I love a great boat pun and these two were awesome. I decided if I ever owned a boat I would name it "Chasing Sunsets."

We drove the four and a half hours to our hotel in Virginia after lunch. We did stop for some Starbucks on the way out and I embraced fall now that we had left the beach.

We got into town late and were ready for a bite to eat for dinner. Per my parents' recommendation we ate at Hardware Bar and Grill. It's a cute little restaurant in a small town.

G and I weren't too hungry since we had a late lunch so we shared the soup and salad. The soup was Asparagus Bisque and it was amazing! It really hit the spot since the restaurant was freezing.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and hit the road around 8:30 to knock out the eight hour drive we had left. Per our new routine when we started getting hungry I checked out Yelp for a good restaurant.

That brought us to Table Six Kitchen and Bar in Ohio. How awesome is this sign? I was already a fan and knew we picked a good place.

I had the Blood Orange Sangria and it was terrific. Just a hint of sweetness. Perfection.

I had the lobster mac and cheese and it was the perfect way to end our trip. It was creamy and flavorful and comforting. Hit. The. Spot. We reminisced about our favorite parts of the trip and then made the last few hour drive home. I was so deep into my book G had to nudge me and I realized we were pulling into my parents' sub, ha!

We picked up the munchkin and he immediately went to his chair and fell asleep. I think he was happy to be home. It was such a fabulous trip with so many fun memories, experiences, and (of course!) amazing food. It is definitely one I will never forget. Thanks for following along as I relived the good times!


Kenya said...

Those sunset and beach pics are amazing!!!

anneseverydaylife said...

What a great long vacation! You guys sure are foodies, Doug and I always just go to mc ds or qdoba haha, we should take some tips from you guys!