Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Very Special Weekend Recap

This past weekend was very special, but you will have to wait until the end to see what made it so incredibly special.

It started Friday. I had a half day and G was able to get out of work early so we went out for a little date night. We had an appetizer and a cocktail on the patio of one our favorite restaurants downtown.

Then we walked around downtown and checked out the most adorable shop. We felt like we were on vacation in our own hometown!

Our next stop was another fave restaurant of ours downtown. We had cocktails and shared a sandwich. We talked about our week and reflected on the past few months not working together. It was such a fun date night!

Saturday we headed to the park for a 8 mile family hike at the nearby park. The weather was perfect for it. Cool, cloudy and breezy. The trail wasn't crowded, we saw some wildlife, and Manny loved it. We stopped a few times for water breaks and Manny was scared of the well so we had to put water in a plastic cup and then he would drink out of it. Spoiled, much?

Sunday we headed to brunch, one of my favorite things EVER. When we sat down our waitress brought banana bread and it was so delicious. Moist, light and with hints of vanilla. G had the breakfast pizza and I had the eggs and bacon and both were delicious. Such a fun meal! We felt like we were vacation again.We talked about where we see each other in five years and people watched and enjoyed our meal.

Then we headed to the Lansing United vs. Detroit City FC soccer game. It was a gorgeous day for some futbol!

So the game was about to start and then all of a sudden all of these people started pouring in with scarves, flags and chants. It was the Detroit City FC fans and they were intense. So entertaining. They kept us entertained the entire game. They would sing songs, chant, do cheers and some were really dressed up. Guy were wearing masks and kilts. Great people watching.

The game was so much fun. We were surprised by how many overseas players Lansing United had and one guy was from Manchester, England so we cheered extra loud for him. Lansing United won 3 to 1 and it was an exciting game. The crowd was into it. The players were great and we got to see four goals. I always get so into live soccer games and this was no exception. I was yelling with the crowd and cheering. I couldn't decide who to cheer for though so I cheered for both teams. So much fun!

While we were at the soccer game my brother and SIL had a baby! Bennett Charles was born at 10:49 a.m. on Sunday, July 10th weighing 5 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches. He is just a teeny little peanut and came a month early. We went straight from the game to the hospital to meet him. He is just the CUTEST! I could not get over his sweet little nose, tiny ears and scrunchy face. Ahhh newborn cuddles are the best. I love him so much! He is our very first nephew and G is already looking for a Manchester United onesie, ha! It was just the absolute perfect end to a perfect weekend. We could not be more excited about this new addition!

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anneseverydaylife said...

Yay! Is he home from the hospital already? Hope he's healthy and smooth transition for your brother's family. Looks like a very special weekend! :)