Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th of July Weekend, Etc.

My mom made these most adorable cupcakes last week. I'm obsessed with them! She is so talented.

It has been so hot lately so we've been making lots of crock pot meals. One of our faves is pot roast. It could not be easier. We throw a flat iron steak, French Onion Soup Mix, potatoes, carrots and onion in the crock pot. Throw some low sodium beef broth over it and cook on low 9 hours. You will thank me! The meat is just so tender and flavorful. A favorite of ours this summer when we aren't grilling.

We sipped gin and tonics on the deck last week. G got this awesome gin from New Holland Brewing for his birthday in January from my parents (thanks mom and dad!). And back in the dead of winter we dreamed of drinking this gin on the deck on a hot summer day. It seemed so far away but it's finally here!

We usually go to the lake by our house every weekend with Manny. But last week was just so gorgeous we went on a weeknight. We grabbed fro yo and then walked it off. It was so busy for a Tuesday night but also so relaxing. I love the lake.

Manny is even going in the water now! This is so huge, you guys. He used to not even go on that grass leading to the lake. He would not want to leave the trail. But seeing him want to walk in the water on his own is an incredible transformation. Or maybe it just has been that hot in Michigan, ha!

Another gorgeous sunrise with Manny the other day. It really makes it easy to wake up int he mornings when I get this kind of view.

Two weeks ago my mom texted to see if I wanted to grab dinner and a walk with Manny. Of course I was game! We took Manny for a nice walk and then headed to one of my favorite restaurants downtown. We had cosmos and shared their gourmet grilled cheese. Everything was great, but the company was even better!

Fourth of July weekend was so much fun so I'm going to recap it here a little late. But better late than never, right? We got out of work early (woohoo!) so I walked Manny and then sat ont he deck and blogged about our Holland/Ludington vacay.

Then G picked me up and we headed to one of our favorite restaurants to meet fun friends. It was a gorgeous night to sip martinis on the patio on the river and catch up. Love these sweet friends.

Saturday we hiked at the lake with Manny.

Then I literally spent the entire day on the deck reading and it was absolute perfection.

Sunday we took Manny to a new park. G used to train for the marathon here with the guys and he wanted to take me there. It was a really pretty trail on the river and Manny enjoyed the new sights and smells. We even went off the trail a bit to explore this gorgeous lake. I love lakes and checking out the houses on lakes.

Then we dropped Manny off and got ready for the day. We stopped at this fun lakeside restaurant for a drink.

Then we went to our friends' lake house (hi Jess!) for a low key barbecue. It was so much fun. We met new people. Ate good food. Drank beer and enjoyed the lake. Good times.

Monday we were back at the lake. We hiked and then grabbed our tubes and spent the day floating on the lake. We ended the weekend watching Primal Fear on Netflix and I'm still thinking about the ending! I don't want to give anything away, but I highly recommend this movie!

So that is life lately. Lots of time at the lake. Barbecue with friends. Hikes with Manny. Deck sitting. Time with my mom. 

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