Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life Lately

Last week was Admin Professional's Day so my sweet boss got all the women in the office a bouquet of flowers. So pretty!

My coworkers don't know I have a blog, but I got photo bombed taking pictures of the flowers, ha!

Last week was also World Penguin Day so I had to post this picture on instagram. This is an oldie but goodie of my brother Brad at Shed Aquarium a few years ago. Life imitating art at its finest.

My sweet friend just came back from Hawaii and brought this One Ocean Vodka with recipe book. How nice is that?! I can't wait to try one of these recipes!

We have a raccoon and he is all about the bird food on our deck. It is pretty much a nightly ritual that G has to run out on the deck and get rid of him. He runs up the tree next to our deck and stares at us. Not creepy at all.

A vendor of mine brought Panera and it is EVERYTHING. The bagels and cream cheese taste better the best. Such a nice treat!

It's spring in Michigan! How gorgeous is this tree?!

Sunday I was finally starting to feel a bit better so we met my parents for lunch at J. Alexander's. It's one of my favorite restaurants. They have this gin martini and it's magic. And also gorgeous.

J. Alexander's also has the best Club sandwich I've ever had. I don't know what makes it so good. The bread? The double cheese? The skinny, salty fries? I don't care, it's delicious! The company was pretty great too.

So that is life lately. Flowers from work. One Ocean Vodka gift from a dear friend. Raccoon creeper. Panera breakfast. Spring is blooming in Michigan. Lunch and martinis with the parents. Finally getting over this darn flu. Life is good.

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