Friday, April 29, 2016

Fit Friday!

My planner's advice for the month. Wise words. Good reminder as I'm still figuring out my new routine. I haven't found the perfect balance yet. I get home 2 hours before G does and I would just start doing chores nonstop until he got home. But that led to burn out so I tried to switch it up and work out everyday. But that also led to burn out. So now I'm starting to create a balance between rest and work. Here is the balance I created that I think is working:

Monday - Blog, laundry and 45 minute walk with Manny
Tuesday - Blog, workout and 20 minute walk with Manny
Wednesday - Grocery shop and 45 minute walk with Manny
Thursday - Clean the whole house
Friday - REST / Do something fun
Saturday - Workout, walk Manny and help G with yard work
Sunday - REST

It's tricky! But I think I'm finding my groove. I started listening to Podcasts while I clean and that makes it go so much faster. I also love having the house cleaned Thursday so I have my Saturday mornings back. I'm also blogging during the week instead of the weekends and I like the new rhythm. It leaves more time on the weekend to hang out with G since I don't see him as much during the week.

How do you balance chores and work?

If you haven't noticed I'm changing this format for Fit Friday a bit. I'm sharing about mental health and healthy eats I'm obsessed with now as well. Let me know what you think!

G is obsessed with these veggie straws from Aldi and they are pretty amazing. They certainly fill the craving for something salty and crunchy.

Speaking of salty and crunchy I love these pretzels from Aldi's. They are great plain or dipped in hummus.

Another Aldi find is these Chocolate Peanut Butter protein meal bars. So good! Lots of protein and super flavorful.

Another healthy treat to satisfy the sweet craving are these Cinna-Swirl mini crisps. Anything with cinnamon in it and I'm all about it. 

Last, but certainly not least are my eats for the week. I made a spinach feta quiche (7 pp) this week so I've been eating that with a side of raspberries (0 pp) each morning.

My lunch this week has been 1/2 cup TJ's brown rice (3 pp), 1/4 avocado (3 pp), chicken (2 pp) and 1/2 TJ's black beans (2 pp).  And I usually eat an apple a couple hours later (0 pp).

My snacks have usually been one of the Aldi snacks above or a green smoothie. Dinner this week has been spaghetti, tacos and Jimmy John's. I got out of the habit of documenting my food while I was on hiatus from Fit Friday posts so I'm trying to get back into the groove. 

I lost the four pounds I gained from vacation last month, but now I'm pushing to lose the last 20 pounds because summer is coming FAST. I've stepped it up this week and I should see a good loss Sunday when I weight in. I'll keep you posted next week!

How are you guys doing? 
How do you balance chores, work and rest?
What are your favorite Aldi picks?

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you start dinner, do your other ideas while it cooks, so you AND G can relax and enjoy dinner when he comes home?