Friday, March 11, 2016

Fit Friday!

Lost: 1 pound
Total Lost: 32 pounds
To Go: 24 pounds

I'm on a losing streak lately and I'm loving it. I'm THISCLOSE to fitting into my old jeans. I'm wearing my old bras again and feeling so much better. I bought a few new pairs of pants the other day and I'm down three sizes! It feels so good, you guys. The hard work is paying off and I'm enjoying shopping for clothes again! 

Workouts this week:

Friday - 
Walked 5,965 steps
Saturday - Walked 7,375 steps
Sunday - Walked 6,572 steps
Monday -  Walked 12,651 steps
Tuesday - Walked 11,356 steps
Wednesday - Walked 10,411 steps
Thursday - Walked 7,866 steps

I hit my goal three times this week and I'll call it a success. I would eventually like to hit 10k everyday, but I'll work up to that. Right now hitting 10k three to four times is a win in my book. With the weather getting nicer and nicer (60s this week!) I know this goal will get easier.

Eats this week:

Breakfast has been 2 whole grain waffles with 2T peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. An oldie but a goodie.

Lunch has been Progresso Minestrone soup and an apple. Easy and delicious.

Snacks this week have been a handful of almonds with a side of strawberries. I hit my wall with cottage cheese so this is a nice change.

Monday night we went to Panera to support my mom's fundraiser for clean water in Africa. It was fun to catch up with the rents. I had the broccoli cheese soup and I should have had it in a bowl and not a bread bowl. I feel you don't get enough soup and my bread was so soggy it wasn't even good. The soup was amazing though, as usual.

Tuesday night I worked the late shift so I just had brussels and leftover pizza from the weekend.

Wednesday and Thursday night I had TJ's asparagus and TJ's ravioli with Tomato Basil Sauce. It was bomb!

How are you guys doing?
How do you get 10k steps in?

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Jen Caputo said...

so proud of you cousin!!!!! You are amazing!!!!