Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Lately

A few weeks ago G and I went out for sushi and drinks and then an A Capella show. It was my Christmas present from G and it was amazing. The group was called Vocalocity and they were crazy talented. It was 12 people with the most beautiful voices. They also danced and had stage presence and it was so entertaining. 

My favorite was when four of the singers shared what music meant to them. One was an alcoholic and had to have throat surgery after so much drinking. She gave up alcohol after that and has been sober for 2.5 years. She sang His Eye is on the Sparrow and it gave me chills. Her voice was beautiful. Another was from Singapore and won Sinapore's American Idol. He is gay and was bullied and he sang Born this Way and it was amazing.

I would highly recommend this show if you ever get the chance to see them! G is not even a big A Capella fan but he LOVED it. 


I had a much needed girls night with some of my favorites. We ate appetizers, drank wine, and laughed a lot. It was the BEST.


My grandma kept journals from every vacation she took. She documented what they did and what they ate. I guess I got my love for vacationing and writing about it from her! It was so fun to read about her adventures. She lived such a great life and it was really healing to realize that through these journals.

She kept a diary from when she met my grandpa and she used the word "swell" a lot. I love that! She also kept all the letters the grand kids sent her and we were having a blast reading what we wrote her. In one letter I tell her I'm starting jazz class so I'm a dancer now, ha! My brother Eric gave her Red Wing scores and my youngest brother Brad just drew pictures. If you know my brothers that is just so THEM. I loved it.

I didn't expect to laugh so much remembering my grandma during this time. But it's fitting, you know? She never lost her humor. She never let life jade her. She was goofy and she loved to laugh and it's hard not to smile when I reflect on the memories because they were such good times.


It was also fun looking through old pictures. I cannot even get over how much I look like mom. It's crazy! I'll have to find a picture of me at this age for a side by side comparison because we could be twins. There were also photos of my mom and her sisters all with Afros. There was also one of my Aunt Sherry in a jumpsuit and turtleneck. My Aunt was telling my cousin Kim how she was so trendy in her jumpsuit and how they have made a comeback. Kim asked what was up with the turtleneck though and my aunt responded "I was cold!" HA! 


I heart my co-workers. My sweet friend Katie is moving to Denver so we had a farewell for her at our favorite brewery. It was such a blast! These people are awesome! I can't wait to visit her in Denver though.


Can we talk about Grease Live? I loved everything about it. I've always been a Grease fan and this was amazing. I loved how they tied in the original Frenchie into this remake. I loved the new song and the old songs. I listened to Magic Changes about a million times. I watched the movie about five times and it just got better. GAH! So good. 


Phew. I think I'm caught up on life now. Tomorrow I'll share my fun weekend with you. Have a great day! 

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