Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

For some reason there was a beeping noise at work all day last Thursday. It started to drive me crazy. So when we were leaving work I told G "I can't wait to get home to peace and quiet!" But we came home to a smoke detector chirping so G changed the battery and we continued on our way. Mowed the lawn. Grilled dinner. And just as we sat down to dinner ALL of our smoke detectors started going off. Well then. It was freaking Manny out. Not to mention annoying and loud. We didn't have any more batteries and we also didn't have a ladder to reach some of the detectors on the second floor. G was so mad. It's funny now. But in the moment it was the very last thing on earth we wanted to deal with. Bless his heart he drove to Lowe's and picked up a ladder and batteries.

It was a sight to see. We were chasing daylight trying to get them all replaced so I had a flashlight in one hand and taking a photo with the other. Typical. But I knew it would be funny eventually. 

Lesson learned: Apparently you are supposed to change your detector batteries once a year and we have lived in our house for 4.5 years now. Oops. I don't think we'll be making that mistake again!


Friday night a few girls from work and I went to see Pitch Perfect. I haven't seen a movie since Avatar so it's been awhile. The theater has changed since then! The theater had these black leather recliner seats which were amazing! So comfortable. And assigned seating! I liked the music better in the first movie, but I thought this movie was so much funnier. I laughed a lot during the sequel. Also, I heart a capella!!

Saturday morning was beautiful. Warm and sunny so G and I took Manny for a walk. It was also our sub garage sales so we brought cash just in case. We were actually out for almost 2 hours garage saling, talking to neighbors and Manny was the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone wanted to pet him and he loved all the attention. We met a couple five doors down that are just as big of fans of Manchester United as G is. Small world!

I hadn't found anything I wanted until the last house we stopped at. I bought these cute workout pants for $2 and a few cute shirts.

I also scored this Coco Chanel purse with matching wallet for $2. It's perfect because I needed a winter purse. Having the name brand is fun too. Although I kept calling it a Coach purse until a sweet friend corrected me. I clearly don't know my purse brands.

Afterwards I did my workout video and made a chicken burrito bowl. G and I ate dinner outside and then read on the deck for a few hours. I finished French Women Don't Get Fat. It was a fun read and just makes me want to go to Paris even more. G went to watch some soccer while I started Where'd You Go, Bernadette? and we met up together later that evening to watch Lucy which wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. How's that for a review? Ha!

Since G had soccer finals to watch Sunday morning I watched church online and we agreed we would start trying new churches after Memorial Day when soccer is over and the new series starts at the church we want to try. 

Later that morning we decided to take Manny to the park for a walk. It was just too beautiful not to!

It was supposed to rain all weekend, but it was hot and sunny so we took advantage. We tried to get Manny into the lake but he hated it as you can see from the picture above of G basically dragging him. This made my water loving heart so sad.

We hiked a good hour around the lake and back. Manny was beat but a happy pup. I think we are going to make this a weekend tradition this summer. The water is just good for the soul. 

Also, how pretty is mother nature? If only you could smell it! We drove home and G mowed the backyard and I cleaned the house. We ate tacos on the deck and read together out there for a few hours before G went to watch more soccer and I watched a few episodes of Parenthood. Around 8 my friend texted me that Bath and Body was having an online candle sale. $9 on usually $22.50 priced candles. Ummm I may have purchased 7. It was such a fun weekend! How was your weekend?


Jen Caputo said...

ahhhh I loooove Where'd you go Bernadette! I wish every book was that fun. My friends and I are always trying to find the next Bernadette. I hope you love it too!

anneseverydaylife said...

You are so funny about your candles! Yeah I make Doug check our detectors, scary! So you must have had a power outage too right? Glad you enjoyed the weekend!