Friday, April 17, 2015

Fit Friday!

Workouts this week:

Sunday - 60 min walk with Manny
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and 30 min with Manny
Tuesday - BR 12 and Walk an hour on lunch
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and 30 min with Manny
Thursday - Walk an hour on lunch and 30 min with Manny
Friday  -  BR 11 and Walk an hour on lunch
Saturday - BR 11 and walk Manny

Weigh in this week:


Pounds Lost: 1 pound
To Go: 39 to go
Total Lost: 16 pounds

Yay! To lose after scaling back my workouts is an amazing thing. Feels so good.

Thoughts this week:


I'm trying to focus more on what I eat. I'm a bit burned out from all the intense workouts so it's a nice break to just be walking everyday and only doing videos 3 times a week (instead of the usual 6 days). I'm really watching my eating. Enjoying the journey. Doing what feels right for me at this time which is less working out and less cooking. And I'm proud of how far I've come. Onward and upward!

Eats this week:

Friday night. Sushi. My boo. A musical afterwards. Does it get any better than that?I don't think so.

Saturday morning there were pop tarts. My coworkers eat them every day and they smell so amazing so I finally caved and bought some. SO GOOD. Two was a bit much so during the week I would have one with a hard boiled egg or 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

I have a thing for Cibatta bread so I had grabbed some at TJ's last week. What I didn't realize what I bought the Half Baked version so I finished baking the bread in the oven Saturday afternoon and ate a roll with half an avocado. First of all, the smell of the bread baking was amazing. Second, the warm deliciousness could not be beat. I may never buy fully baked bread again.

Saturday night there was grilled steak, rice pilaf, cole slaw, and corn bread with family. While we were all sharing this meal I felt like we were family in Parenthood sharing dinner. Laughing. Drinking wine. Enjoying the company. It was magical.

Sunday afternoon I made TJ apps for us to share. Those pigs in a blanket are amazing!

For lunch this week I had a turkey, spinach, avocado sandwich on ciabatta. Shut the front door! It was amaze. With an apple and carrots on the side.

My snacks this week have been cottage cheese. 

Or 2 hard boiled eggs. (A new fave!)

Or a Snickers egg a sweet coworker left on my desk. Snickers are my weakness. 

Monday night we grabbed Chinese take out. Tofu lo mein for me. Can we talk about all the food you get for $8? 

I had a cup of tofu lo mein with a cup of broccoli on the side. I ate this for dinner Monday through Wednesday and for lunch Thursday. Love it!

Thursday night G and I grilled burgers and asparagus for dinner with a side of sweet potato fries. YUM. I love that it's grilling weather!

Look at those grill marks!

How are you guys doing?


anneseverydaylife said...

Good job!!! Also, Swedish meatballs weigh 16 lbs?!? Crazy!

Spartylover83 said...

Another pound bites the dust, NICE JOB! Um can I say how much I love you referring to sushi as your boo?! You crack me up :)