Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Goals Revisited

Where the heck did March go?! I feel like I blinked and it disappeared. But the faster spring gets here the better. I'm dreaming of days outside on the deck reading and eating dinners. Ahhhh I'm so ready! But first, lets see how I did with my March goals.

1. Clean and organize the guest closet. I had every intention of doing this but the month got away from me. Bah! I plan to tackle this next month then.

2. Lose five pounds this month. Check! 5 pounds on the dot when I weighed in Sunday. YAYAYAYA!

3. Clean the house every Thursday morning. Check! I really love this new habit I started. The only flaw in my plan is G is not even up at 6:30 so I'm cleaning the house by myself. And that's fine because I chose to do it this way and it's important to me so I shouldn't make him get up early. But some days I just want help so I like this habit for cleaning the main level and always keeping it tidy and ready for company. Then on Saturday mornings G will help me clean the basement and upstairs. It is working out quite nicely. 

4. Follow Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout and cook one recipe from her meal plan. Check! Followed and FINISHED Jillian's Body Revolution, woohoo!! I got the idea from Jillian's meal plan to eat two hard boiled eggs for lunch. The verdict? Not enough food. I was starving afterwards and ate half a donut. FAIL.

5. Read 3 books this month. Check! I read What's so Amazing about Grace? by Philip Yancey, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Partner by John Grisham. Yancye's book was definitely an eye opening read. It got heavy and I had to really process it, but I loved that about it. Gilbert's book was by far my favorite read this month. You guys already know I'm obsessed with marriage and I even wrote a post about her book so, yeah, I got a lot out of it. It was a fun and educational read. Highly recommend! Grisham's book was good. This was the first book I've read of his and I think I actually prefer the movies over the books. I will probably need to read another before I stand behind that statement. It was still a good read though.

6. Plan something fun with friends once a week. Check! This was my most favorite goal to accomplish this month. The first week we had a couple from work over for dinner and we spent all night chatting away and laughing. The second weekend was much of the same thing. I hosted a wine night with my girls and that is always a great time. The third week we went to a coworkers' house for dinner. It was awesome! We didn't know them well, but we all got along so well and it was just one of those nights where we could laugh and joke and also get real and be authentic. It was the best! The last week of March we had a free pass to this fancy gym so we met after work and swam, lifted weights and went to dinner with friends. Good times!

7. Check out a few new churches. Check! I'll call this a win because we checked out our church's new campus. It cemented our decision that we want to start trying out other churches. I don't know why this is so hard for me. I went to my old church for over ten years. It's scary to branch out from the unknown. But it's also exciting and important to find a church we look forward to going so we need to be more proactive about this next month.

8. Schedule a hair appointment. Check! I made the appointment and now I need to decide what I want to do. I was originally going to dye my hair black. But then we went to dinner with friends and our waitress had the most gorgeous bright red hair and I can't stop thinking about it. I found the above picture on Pinterest and I'm seriously considering it. It may be a bit bold so I might do highlights of this color but it could be really fun. What do you think?


Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

I feel ya on the closet thing, they can become such a catch all! Congrats on losing 5 pounds, that's awesome! Yeah I've been at my church pretty much since I was born, except for a short time when my parents were looking. I hope looking for a new church can be fun experience for you two!

Lauren said...

I cleaned out our closet last month and it was so refreshing...I also turned all my hangers around so that next year I can maybe get rid of everything that hasn't been worn in the last year!