Friday, January 16, 2015

Fit Friday!


My workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and Body Revolution (BR) Workout 1
Tuesday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 2
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and BR Cardio 1
Thursday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 1
Friday  - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 2
Saturday - Walk Manny and BR Cardio

I'm still really loving this program. I am always so sore a few hours after the video. A good sore. I love all the weight lifting and I especially love the cardio since it's only 25 minutes. It makes it easier to push harder knowing it's the shortest workout.

Eats this week:

G and I had a little cheat meal this weekend. We grabbed a glass of wine and veggino pizza from the local winery by our house. It was a tasty and fun date night. Only getting take out once last week was such big progress for us. 

I'm obsessed with Greek salads lately and this just Hit. The. Spot.

I made Skinny Confidential's 3 Ingredient Pancakes Saturday morning and they were AMAZE. G was skeptical so I made him try them and he was surprised at how good they were. The only alternation I made to her recipe is using Blood Orange olive oil because I didn't have coconut oil but they still tasted delish.

I love having a Flat Out wrap with tuna and Laughing Cow Swiss with spinach. It made an easy dinner Saturday night.

Dinner Sunday night was chicken spring rolls and they were amazing. One of my fave Lean Cuisine meals for sure!

Monday I made Curry Cabbage Soup for dinner. G and I cut everything up Sunday night and so I had to do was dump everything in Monday.

My go to snacks this week have been oatmeal or mini pretzels with Sabra hummus. I'm obsessed with pretzels and hummus right now. SO GOOD.

My breakfasts have been 2 eggs in a cup with a Laughing Cow Cheese on a Flat Out wrap. My lunches this week have been leftover cabbage soup from Monday night. My snacks this week have been oatmeal. But I did get to switch it up once and try my friend, Laura's Blueberry Oatmeal Bake. We were just talking about how we love trying a new recipe but then we have to eat it for days and get tired of it. So we did a swap and she brought in a slice of her oatmeal bake and I brought in some cabbage soup for her to try. It was fun to try something new and I think I would definitely make this bake!

Monday night we had cabbage soup and it was the perfect thing for a chilly winter night. It didn't fill me up as much as I would have liked so I did have a bit of popcorn for snack later.

Tuesday I made Italian chicken in the crock pot and ate it with a side of mashed potatoes and carrots. We had leftovers for dinner Wednesday night.

Thursday G made beef stroganoff. It's not the healthiest meal in the world, but it's also not take out so that is progress. It's all about moderation. I measured everything out so I still sayed within my calories. I also had a glass of wine. I usually only have a glass of wine or two on the weekends but yesterday was a DAY. My office fish passed away and it hit me harder than I expected. G and I had a glass of wine and toasted Chandler and had a moment of silence. May he rest in peace. 

Tonight we are going to our work Christmas party so I'm not sure what's for dinner but I'll bet it will be delicious.

I weigh in on Sundays so last Sunday I was 3 pounds away from being back to maintaining my ten pound lost from December. Once I'm back on track, which I'm hoping will show in my Sunday weigh in this week I'll start posting progress again.

I realized I wasn't feeling as good as I thought I should. I was feeling bloated. G mentioned it might be because of my sodium intake so I checked it out on My Fitness Pal and it was a wake up call. I was over my daily sodium intake each day by 200 to 500 mg. YIKES. I was over my sodium goal by 5000 for the week. EEK. No wonder I've been feeling bloated! My goal this next week will be to really watch my sodium. Unfortunately TJ's Roasted Red Pepper Soup is the main culprit with 1500 mg for 2 cups! I was eating 1500 mg of sodium for lunch each day! ARGH. 

I will tweak my eating for next week and really watch my sodium. I meal planned for next week and already grocery shopped so I can meal prep Sunday. In it to win it guys! Success is my only option this year. 

How are you guys doing?


Anne said...

I'm going to try those pancakes. It's funny it's pretty much just like banana eggs. But if you liked them, maybe I'll give it a try! Garth's stroganoff looks really good :-)

hopeistrying said...

As annoying as meal planning was to start - it seriously SAVES my week! I was just being a baby about how much time it took, but you make up SO much more of that time on week nights, don't you think? Seriously makes SUCH a huge difference and really drastically cut back the amount we ate out, just because we didn't have the excuse of "this will take too long to make, let's just grab something". So so glad we've started doing this. And man - good catch on the sodium, G! Hope you can pump that amount back easily and see a difference really quickly. :)