Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crafty Weekend

This weekend was a fun one. I gave myself a fun winter manicure. We explored our local downtown. Did a wine tasting. Ate yummy pizza. Hung out at the library. I organized the kitchen pantry (why does it get so disorganized?!) and the bathroom cabinets upstairs (why are there four empty deodorants?!) and it felt good. 

I did Jillian Body Revolution and my devotional. I did laundry and cleaned the house. Finished a book. We FINALLY took down our tree. This is the longest I've waited, but I just didn't want to let it go. It was the perfect mix of relaxing and productive.

Speaking of productive, I finally finished my wreath that I had started in December. I wrapped the frame in burlap, finished wrapping the Styrofoam balls in yarn and hot glued the balls to the wreath.

I was watching Frozen while I did this craft which may explain why I went crazy with the snowflakes. Also? The hot glue gun is FUN. 

I didn't use all the yarn balls which meant I could still keep some in a vase. Score! But I'm really happy with the way the wreath turned out. The colors work really well with our house and I smile every time we drive away as I admire my work. No shame.

I was feeling really good after that craft so I finally did a craft I've been putting off forever. I have saved wine bottles from all the wineries we had gone to last year and they have just been sitting under the sink. I finally soaked the bottles in hot water, dish soap and vinegar and peeled the labels off. Some came off great and others didn't. But it kind of gave a vintage feel so I was okay with it.

I glued all the labels and set it in a frame. Easy! I really like how it turned out.

Then I set it on the books to bar shelf in the living room. Perfection! I like how I've been to all of these wineries so I have the memories and the labels are all really pretty. It makes me happy.

I also did some meal planning and made a big batch of curry cabbage soup for dinner Monday night and leftovers for the rest of the week. Who am I?! Crafting and meal prepping?! It felt really good though! 

How was your weekend? Any fun crafts you have done? 


Rebecca Jo said...

That wreath is the cutest one I've seen all winter!!!

Anne said...

Great job! The wreath looks great. I'm just wondering did you think that was an affordable craft? In my knitting experience, yarn can quickly add up. But it looks great. And that sounds like a super productive weekend! I know, I wish I could just clean and organize once and have it stay that way, but it never does!

Anne said...

Oh, I see you wrap the balls in yarn, how cool! And I like the look of yarn balls in a vase or a basket or something too, how pretty!

Lindsey said...

Thanks Anne! I actually felt this was an expensive craft. Those balls are expensive! Total it cost $40 and a lot of work! This craft was tedious, about 4 hours of work total! It was fun and relaxing, but I think I will just buy a spring/summer wreath!

Jen Caputo said...

Aww, the wreath looks awesome! And great job on the meal planning :)