Friday, June 6, 2014

Fit Friday!

It has been a great week. The weather has just been incredible which makes it so much easier to be moving! 

My results:

-0.6 pounds

Hey, I'll take it. It was that time of the month (sorry, TMI) and I was emotional and wanted to eat everything in site. I was also really active which always makes me hungry. A loss is a loss so I'm happy. I'll step it up next week, but it's nice to see the scale moving in the right direction.

My workout schedule this week:

Sunday - The Shred Level 2 and walk 2 miles
Monday - Insanity Cardio and walk 3 miles
Tuesday - Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny in the morning and 3 at lunch)
Wednesday - Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny in the morning and 3 at lunch)
Thursday - Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny in the morning and 3 at lunch)
Friday - Walk 5 miles (2 with Manny in the morning and 3 at lunch)
Saturday - The Shred Level 2 and walk 2 miles

My biggest struggle is always the weekend. My one cheat day turns into a cheat weekend. I read recently how damaging to your weight loss having a cheat weekend is because that ends up being half the month. Yikes. Nothing like perspective to get me back on track. I found that stocking healthy options in the house helps me do well and not feel deprived at the same time. 

Here are a few of my new favorites:

These Wholly Guacamole Minis are so good. I'm on such a guacamole kick right now it's not even funny. One of these 100 calorie packs with Baked Tortilla Chips are a yummy, low calorie snack. Add a 95 calorie glass of Skinny Girl Margarita. New favorite!!

I love chips. I am my father's daughter. They are such a weakness for me. I know how bad they are for me. So when I find a chip substitute that is EVEN BETTER than the real thing I am a fan for life! Quaker Popped Hummus Chips in White Cheddar and Herb are delicious. So flavorful! Even G loved them! They are the perfect snack with a sandwich and veggie for lunch or an after dinner snack.

Speaking of curving the chip craving, these Food Should Taste Good Tomato and Basil Brown Rice Crackers do the trick. Ellen loves this brand so I was pumped when I saw these at Walmart. I also love that you can eat half the box for only 300 calories. These are so yummy and crispy. A new favorite for sure!

My breakfasts this week have been a slice of Spinach and Feta Breakfast Casserole with a piece of fruit. It's a favorite around here and G requests this casserole weekly! I even made it for work this week for a going away party. I'm not big on volunteering to bring a dish to work, but when it's about bringing breakfasts casseroles I am in! That is my jam. And there weren't any leftovers! The biggest compliment is no leftovers, right?

My lunches have been a Morning Star Chicken Patty with half a Laughing Cow Cream Cheese and a side of zucchini. 

My afternoon snacks have been Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal. It has been hitting the spot because the air conditioner is just blasting. Brrrr! 

Now that summer is here it's grilling time! We grilled brats and asparagus Saturday and ate leftovers Sunday night.

Monday night we met friends for 25% off sushi. So. Good. 

Tuesday and Wednesday night we had Chinese take-out. I know I should cook more, but I can totally justify this by telling you my meal was $9 and I got 4 meals out of it so that comes out to $2.25 a meal. I ate this Tuesday night, G and I both ate this Wednesday night, and I finished the leftovers Thursday for lunch. Justified!

Thursday night I made Chicken Curry in the crock pot. We actually started subbing the salsa with fire roasted tomatoes and adding potatoes and it has made the dish even more delicious. Served with a salad and a 55 calorie beer and it's the perfect weeknight meal! We will have leftovers tonight. It's funny, growing up I hated leftovers. Now I love them so much. I can't get enough! 

How are you all doing?


Anne said...

I do not know how you can get 4 servings out of there. 2 yes, but then it's gone for me! Good job!

Lauren said...

Those wholly guacamole minis would be perfect! I LOVE guac as a snack...and those are the perfect size!