Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mommy to Bee Shower

My mom and I hosted a shower for my SIL, Jess, a couple weekends ago and we had so much fun planning it and scouring Pinterest for great ideas. It was a true labor of love and my mom put in so much hard work. My cousins, aunts and mom's friend, LuAnn, also helped us so much to make this day special for Jess.

The shower took place at my grandma's senior center and it was the perfect location!

We used disposable yellow place mats, black construction paper as the place mat and my mom made chocolate bees and sprinkled them across the tables.

My mom bought Jess this sweet bear, but he doubled as decoration during the shower with Bit 'o Honey candies and pictures of Eric and Jess as babies (not pictured).

These are the stinger sticks we put on the tables in Honeycomb cereal.

We had everyone pick a black mustache (boy) or pink mustache (girl) to show us who they think it will bee.

My mom did the most amazing job with the cake. It is so beautiful! The small bee hive to the right is the gender reveal cake and the vases on each side are black and yellow jelly beans.

Gah, I love it! So pretty.

This is one of the games we played. We also gave a prize to the guest with the birthday closest to the baby's due date. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but my mom made honey bbq pulled pork sandwiches and honey peanut butter sandwiches. We had punch (peach juice and Vernors), coffee, fruit salad and chips. 

Here is the gorgeous mommy to bee! :) It was a wonderful day and a true joy to show Jess and Baby A how much they are loved. 


Jen Caputo said...

Aww, you guys did an awesome job. Grandma told me how great it was (and said that Jess raked in the gifts! Which she thought was only fair since it seemed like Jess had been to many baby showers recently. Too cute!)
Wish I could have been there!

jen mccrady said...

Adorable!!! Great job! :)

Spartylover83 said...

What a perfectly themed baby shower! I love it, so creative...I'm going to pin this!