Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life Lately

Last week was a crazy week in every sense of the word. Garth and I worked late three of the five days. We received this text on accident:

And to cap off the week I accidentally dialed 911. In my defense, I was calling international and got the 0 and 9 mixed up and got the 911 operator. I freaked out and hung up. Literally 3 minutes later I mentioned to my co-worker that maybe I should have told them it wasn't an emergency and she started laughing. Lo and behold, two officers were coming towards me. I was mortified. They thought it was hilarious and I learned I need to tell them it's not an emergency or they have to make contact with me. We got them coffee and talked a bit. They were nice guys. Lesson learned. 


I realized the other day that the dog bed we bought Manny (because I thought it was cute) is an exact replica to our duvet cover. I guess I REALLY like this pattern, ha!


I know Sound of Music got a lot of mixed reviews, but I loved it. Carrie Underwood can do no wrong in my eyes. I wasn't sure about Stephen Moyer, but he was equally wonderful. And the von Trapp kids? Oh my word, they were all so great! I enjoyed every bit of this performance.


This past weekend was a bust. We both worked so late Friday night that we weren't able to meet friends for dinner which sucked. Then a migraine overtook the rest of my weekend. I haven't had one in forever and I woke up Saturday morning with it and just started crying I was in so much pain. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to puke. The migraine didn't let up all weekend and Manny started getting sick Saturday night into Sunday so Garth had his hands full taking care of us this weekend. I get headaches often, but I haven't had a migraine in a really long time. I am finally headache/migraine-free and I feel like a new woman! Now it's time to get on Christmas shopping since I didn't get to it this weekend.


So proud of the Michigan State Spartans!!! We are going to the Rose Bowl, woohoo!


I did one productive thing this weekend - made Christmas cards. Yes, you read that right. I made my Christmas cards this year and they turned out pretty darn cute. I'll share the finished product once I give them out.

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Anne said...

oh man, sorry about the migraine :( glad it's gone, good riddance!!

can't wait to see your cards :) I'm sure they're super cute!!