Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas List

I'm so excited for Christmas this year! I still don't know where the year went, but I'm happy it's the Christmas season once again. I really wanted to get my Christmas shopping done in the summer. Then the fall. And now it's December and I still haven't started. I am so last minute and I'm trying to avoid that this year so my goal is by the 15th. I think I can do it! 

Dear Family, I know you're reading this, so send me your lists so I can get started! Here is my list this year:


Slippers (in gray). Now that it's winter, going outside to let Manny out in socks is not cutting it. I'm too lazy to go to the garage and get shoes so slippers would solve this problem in no time!


Confession: Garth turned me into an instant coffee drinker and I'm getting bored with it. I am ready for more options when purchasing coffee and I love the idea of being able to program it to be made when I get up. I'm so behind the times! This orange programmable coffee maker would work just fine and add a fun pop of color in my kitchen.


This coffee looks delectable! 


Color me old fashion, but i"m craving some matchy matchy pajama sets because wearing yoga pants or workout pants to bed every night is so boring! This polka dot set is adorable!


I love that I have been decorating our living room with South African influence (zebra chair, giraffe and rhino figurines on the fireplace mantle) and this would help tie it all together.


I heart this iphone case.


Socks! All of my socks have holes and I have no idea why, but it's time for new ones.


Flannel sheets. My mom bought us some for an anniversary and they are amazing during the winter months. I'm officially hooked and need more so I don't have to wash our one set so often.

What are you wanting this Christmas?


The Pink Growl said...

Flannel sheets are amazing in the winter!!

Lauren said...

Love those slippers! & I'm totally with you on the pjs...I DESPERATELY need some new ones!

Anne said...

Haha, I asked for socks too since all mine have holes!! And you're right- I think it's from all the times I took becks out without putting on shoes :)

Simply Sarah said...

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