Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten for Tuesday

1. If I could describe this weekend in one word it would be restful. We slept in. Cooked. Watched football and read magazines. Took Manny for walks. Cleaned the garage. Mowed. Trimmed the rose bushes. Entertained friends. It was the perfect balance of productive and restful. 

2. We had friends from work over Friday night. They were just married two months ago so it was fun to hear about their newlywed life. They brought their sweet Boxer, Diesel, with them and Manny and Diesel became the best of friends. They literally played non stop for three hours and wore each other out. It was the cutest. Garth made chicken tacos and we ate ice cream by the fire for dessert. Such a fun night!

3. Garth also made Cooking Light's Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili this weekend. We haven't had this in forever and it sure hit the spot. I am excited to eat the leftovers all week for lunch. Yum!

4. We rented White House Down this weekend and I love it! It was a fun action flick.

5. It turns out we have a dog that gets car sick. It happened again on the way to obedience school Thursday night. I did some research and it turns out it is common among puppies and most of them grow out of it. I really hope he does grow out of it because I have big plans of taking him up north next summer and to our favorite park to hike this winter. 

6. Obedience school is going well though. I'm not sure if it is the other dogs or all the distractions at Pet Smart, but Manny doesn't listen to us at all at class and I'm pretty sure the instructor thinks we don't practice any of the homework. But we do! He walks like an angel at home, but in class? Nope. Won't walk a minute and he is not interested in treats. Aye! But the other dogs in class get along with Manny so well. The socialization is worth the money in itself. He loves to play and these dogs are so playful and gently with him.

7. Ummmmm can we just talk about how it snowed yesterday? Winter is coming, nooo! I was actually excited for Manny to see snow for the first time in his life, but he wanted nothing to do with it. The stinker just kept trying to find leaves under the snow. 

8. I gave up coffee for 1.5 days and then I caved Monday afternoon and HAD TO HAVE IT. The headache was too unbearable. I had read somewhere that your body can reject coffee and cause you to have thyroid-like symptoms. It was one article. There isn't enough proof, but I self diagnosed anyway and felt great Sunday without it. By Monday afternoon it was a different story. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

9. My SIL's shower is this weekend and I am beyond excited! It was so much fun planning, shopping and crafting for it with my mom and I cannot wait to show you all our cute ideas. I'm not sure how we would have planned it without Pinterest. That was such a great resource.

10. I finally trimmed my three rose bushes that were eating our house. Oh my gosh, what a job! I was out there a good hour snipping and then cleaning it up. It was so rewarding because it look so much neater now and now Manny can't try and eat my roses! 


Rebecca Jo said...

Our puppy, when around a lot of commotion, doesn't pay any attention to us either... don't feel bad...

Lauren said...

ha! oh girl, I feel you with the obedience training...Bogey was like that with us too--and let's be honest, he's still like that! ha! we are bad puppy parents!