Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten for Tuesday

1. Life continues to move at lightening speed over here. It is all great stuff - small groups, obedience school, catching up with friends, etc. I'm not gonna lie though. I am beyond excited for December. I have made it my "Month of No." No plans. No small group. Obviously we will have holiday plans with family and obedience school, but our weekends will be free. I took time off to do things I want to do. To relax. Rejuvenate. Evaluate the year and establish goals for the next year. 

2. After a recommendation from a sweet friend who got down to her goal weight and her husband shred 100 pounds I finally got the book. Garth and I started the Shred Diet today. I just need structure. I thrive with structure since I have a very compliant personality. I'm excited to jump start my weight loss and start seeing results!

3. In other news, Garth and I have been reading tons of books on dog behaviors and the temperament of labs and pits. It has proved very interesting. I am kinda getting obsessed with learning about dogs. Cesar Millan states that dogs must be thought of in the following way (and order) - animal, dog, breed and then name. Interesting, right?! 

4. Manny is really learning quickly. He is now crate trained and potty trained. He can sit, drop it and come. We are still working on leash training, but it's coming along. He is still super cuddly and loves walking around the block and playing with the neighbor kids. He has gained ten pounds since we got him a month ago and he loves chewing on his Kong and Nylabone. 

5. My long lost friend came over Friday night after way too long and it was so good to catch up. She is just one of those friends that you can pick up right where you left off, regardless of how much time has passed since you have seen each other. Saturday we had sweet friends over with their adorable baby (Hi Brittany!) to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game. Brittany made her killer chili for lunch and we had fun catching up. Sunday we went to church and then met my parents at Bagger Dave's. After lunch we came back to our house  to work on shower decorations for my SIL's shower in two weeks. Everything is coming along so cute and I can't wait to share it all with you! Sunday night we relaxed and watched Big Bang Theory. It was a full weekend with quality people.

6. Halloween was warm (mid 60s) but kinda rainy. We still had people over and we still made a bonfire. We weren't going to let the weather ruin it for us! I made chicken chili, we drank beer, handed out candy, hung out with friends around the fire, and enjoyed all the cute costumes. Manny did really well with all the people. I was nervous about how he would react, but I wanted him to get the socialization. He did so great. He kinda loved all the attention. This little girl came up to pet him and I was so afraid he would knock her over, but he was so gentle with her. Melted. My. Heart.

7. Confession: I loved Hanson. I had their CD. I watched their music videos. I'm not ashamed. I was driving to work on Friday morning and MmmBop came on the radio and it just instantly put me in the BEST mood. Gosh, I love 90s music.

8. I'm kind of obsessed with this quote: "If you are what you should be, then you will set the world on fire." ~ St. Catherine of Siena ~ I heard this quote from this article which also rocked my socks off. I highly recommend reading it.

9. We had a Groupon that expired this week so Garth and I had a nice little date night downtown enjoying some yummy sushi. I love going out to eat so much. What else I love? My new iphone. My contract expired and I had a free upgrade to an iphone that I took advantage of because I'm all about free. I wasn't sure how I would feel about switching from my Droid, but oh my goodness. I'm obsessed!

10. Garth and I watched The Jerk Sunday night based on a co-worker's recommendation. Now I love me some Steve Martin. But I just could NOT get into this movie and hardly laughed. I even stopped it an hour and fifteen minutes in. Very disappointing. We haven't watched a movie or TV in general very often and when we finally do it is a waste of time. We need a Red Box night soon. Give me your reccs!!


Spartylover83 said...

Thanks for the shout out! I really liked Monsters University, it's a prequel to Monsters Inc. so that was neat. I want to see White House Down and The Hangover III which both came out on Red Box today...those are next on my list. Good luck with Shred! I know you can do it!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I haven't seen The Jerk in a LONG time!!! Probably an out of date movie now... very 70's!

Yep, Kong & Nylabones are like Lego's in our house... step on that Nylabone in the dark - OUCH!

Give updates on how that Shred diet works for you!

Anne said...

Good job with Manny training! It will be worth the investment! Also good idea on taking a month off to relax and reflect, that sounds wonderful :) I'm curious how you'll like those books, I would love to lose the 5-10lbs I fluctuate once and for all! hmm... I have memories of liking the jerk when I watched it, but it was a long time ago. Hope you find one that you like!