Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. We signed up for obedience school for Manny and start this weekend. I'm so excited! He is a great dog and he is learning fast, but he needs this. He does not come to us when we call yet and that drives me crazy. But. But! He is potty trained now and with some encouragement from co-workers, I have let him whine it out during the night and he does not have to go out at all at night. That is so huge. I feel human again not having to take him out three times a night. Also? He is on his second week of no accidents in the kennel when we are at work. It is so awesome!

2. I'm loving Erin's series on White Space. We have been so busy lately. I know everybody is, but I don't like how it has become the norm in our society. I miss the days when we had nothing planned during the week. I long for those days. I crave our lazy Saturday mornings and Garth cooking dinner while Manny and I play together on weeknights. Our commitments end in early December so I'm excited to re-evaluate things then and be more intentional about our time.

3. Garth plays soccer with the guys after work and last week I got to watch him after work which was so fun. He scored two goals and I was such a proud wife.

4. My brother, Eric, ran the Detroit marathon this past weekend and I am so proud! He did amazing!! Pictures to come.

5. I had big plans for us last Saturday. I wanted to get so much yard work done, but it rained all day so nothing productive was done. We did lay around all day, cook, take Manny for a walk and take afternoon naps. It was perfection.

6. I love this article and so needed to hear it. I am so guilty of downplaying my gifts and apologizing for things that make me ME. 

7. This is a fascinating way to think about stress. We watched this video in our staff meeting last week and I found it extremely interesting. The idea is instead of thinking of stress as your enemy you think of stress - the heart racing, the blood pumping - as your body gearing up to be courageous. LOVE that.

8. Cheers to fall! The house smelling like sweet pumpkin pie. Warm, creamy soup in the crock pot. Hot apple cider at the end of the day. Snuggling under a warm blanket. Turning the fireplace on. The leaves changing colors.

9. When people ask where we got the name Manny we explain how Manchester United is Garth's favorite soccer team. Most people give us blank stares because they have no idea. But I was explaining this to our neighbor and he replied, "My brother used to play for Manchester United in the early 90s." How cool is that?!


10. I just purchased this Manchester United dog collar with matching leash. Manny is going to be so stylin'. 

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Rebecca Jo said...

you inspired me... we got a puppy Friday. I talked about it today on my blog... tiring :)

Love stylish collars. We just got our other dog one after a grooming session Sunday. Dogs gotta look cool too :)