Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Weekend

This weekend was a good one. Fun mixed with productive. Friday night we had our usual hang out night with Manny which includes taking him for a walk, cooking dinner, and watching reruns of Modern Family. Saturday we took down the awning, put away the dining set, raked leaves and one last mow. 

Saturday night we went to dinner with co-workers and then headed to a Halloween party at our co-worker, Kate's, house. Here is G with his friend, Gabe:

Oh, that mustache. I cannot handle it. Then THIS happened:

Hilarious. Here are the girls:

Fun times. We played games and socialized and laughed a lot. Those are the best kind of nights. Fun times.

Sunday we took Manny to his first obedience school class. We learned a few new things, though most of it we had learned from researching online. But we did learn a few new tricks to help us train him that should be very beneficial. Manny did well and listened pretty good. The instructor was pretty impressed he know how to sit already and was mostly potty trained. 

He got his nails clipped after class. It was a big day for him! So we were driving home and Garth and I were thinking Manny had a lot of treats in class and wondered if we should feed him dinner. Then it happened. Five minutes from our house. Manny puked ALL over the back seat of the car we were turning in the next day. What are the odds?! Poor guy. Garth, bless his heart, cleaned it all up! 

After an eventful Sunday afternoon we grabbed take out and relaxed. Tonight is Halloween and we are following in tradition and having friends over for a bonfire in the driveway while we hand out candy and I have chicken chili in the crock pot. Happy Halloween!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Please don't with hold Manny's food, he needs it! If he is getting a "filler free" food,(the ingredients are things you recognize), snacks should be to a minimum.