Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Day Back

So I was totally going to work on vacay recaps over the weekend, but after downloading the 70+ pictures I got too overwhelmed. I hope to get around to it this weekend. Truthfully, I'm just trying to survive my first week back. Yesterday was brutal. Not gonna lie. I don't know why, but I dread coming back from vacation. I get depressed. I don't sleep and stress out about how much I have to catch up. Is it just me? So I woke up exhausted from the lack of sleep. I didn't do my devotional. I didn't exercise. It just throws me out of whack. 

My first day back wasn't that bad though. I mean, I had a ton to get caught up. 261 emails to be exact. And more emails coming in throughout the day to get caught up on and prepare for my annual review. On top of that, my work Visa was shut down due to fraud so on top of everything else I had to work with BOA to get that figured out and taken care of. But it was good to be back. To be back to a routine. To hear my coworkers missed me while I was gone. It's a good feeling to be needed.

It is tough to get back into the swing of things after a week off. I'll tell you what. I get so stressed out trying to get everything done. I literally have to give myself permission to be okay with not getting all caught up in one day. I'll get there. It's okay. The world won't end. I will get caught up. Gosh, I'm so dramatic.

The day was long and tiring. I did not feel like going home and cooking after work, especially since I had to prep dinner for tonight's small group. Garth and I went out for sushi and had fun catching up on our days. Then we hit up the local salvation army that was having a 5 for $5 sale and I got two sweatshirts, two pairs of pants and a shirt for Garth for only $5. Can you beat that?! I would say the day ended pretty well.

All that randomness to say, the first day back from vacation is tough. Brutal even. But getting back to your routine feels good. I woke up this morning, did my devotional, worked out and went to work feeling energized and refreshed. It's good be back.


Anne said...

TOTALLY normal! Glad you're feeling back in the swing of things today :) hope you had a wonderful bday vacay! And love the deal finds at Salvation Army! Woo!

Lauren said...

man I hear you! I always feel like we need a vacation from our vacation once we get back...and it's even worse now that we have a little on to pack & unpack and load and unload!

Linnea said...

Coming back to work after vacation is rough. We went on vacation for 2 weeks recently and it was awful trying to get back into the swing of things!

Kenya said...

That's why they always say you need a vacation from a vacation. LOL.

You have a work visa?