Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Working Together

Garth and I started working together five months ago. We work a good 40 minutes away so we carpool together. We work on different floors and he goes to the gym at lunch and I walk with the girls so we really don't see each other often. Our jobs don't overflow into each other much either so we really don't have much interaction at all at work. 

I love working together though. I love that when I'm upstairs meeting with someone I can sneak a peek and say hi. Or grab some of his lunch if I forget mine. I love that our co-workers tease us anytime they see us together. I love that sometimes Garth will go walking with me on lunch when none of the girls can make it. I love that when he had this whole scare I could drive him down the road to the doctor. I love double dating with co-workers and their spouses after work.

The one thing that took some time adjusting to was carpooling together. I wake up at 5:30 and drink coffee, do my devotional, and exercise. So by the time I'm in the car driving I'm awake and ready to talk. Garth on the other hand? Not so much. He literally just rolled out of bed and is just drinking his coffee when we are in the car. He is not ready to talk. I also learned that listening to my celebrity gossip stresses him out. 

Another minor hurdle was driving in general. When we drive together Garth is always the driver. So when we were working together Garth drove to and from work and on the weekends. For three straight weeks. I'm not even kidding. I didn't operate a vehicle for a solid three weeks. It was awesome! Not so much for Garth though...

It took a bit of adjusting, but we have worked out a good routine. I drive in the morning while Garth is waking up and drinking his coffee. I play music instead of listening to the gossip and let him wake up a bit before talking to him. Garth drives home. It is the perfect balance for us and it works.

The last little hurdle we had to adjust to was not talking about work all. The. Time. I think that can happen easily when you both work at the same place. I know I already talked a lot about work before Garth started working with me. But now with him there and him knowing what I'm talking about it made it all the more easy to constantly talk about work. That is just not healthy. We set up boundaries in this area. We can talk about work on the way to work and the way home. But that is it. When we leave the car we leave the work talk there. 

Do you work with your spouse? Did it take a bit of adjusting for you as well?


Anne said...

that's a really good rule of leaving the stuff in the car. You guys are so great, love learning from you!

Katy Nustad said...

My husband & I don't work at the same location, but we do work about 4 miles from each other. Technically we could have lunch together but after 3.5 years we've only had a "semi" lunch together once :/. Where do you work Lindsey? I think you are in the SE MI area. I work at the VA in Ann Arbor.

Have fun on your TC vacation!!! Color me jealous!!!! I am hoping to plan a surprise weekend vacation for my husband... He has been working so hard lately and I want to show him that I've noticed!

Laura said...

That's awesome that you can ride together. We have done that in the past and it was really helpful to open up communication so that you don't spend your evening talking about work stuff.

Lauren said...

Hubby & I have worked in the exact same in I can hear him on the phone right now...for about 20 months. I only work part time since having Elyse so that makes a big difference, but it's honestly so nice to be able to carpool together. We have had to really limit the "work" talk, just so we can keep our sanity...but otherwise it's worked out really well!