Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life Lately

Fact: July is the fastest month of the whole year. Seriously, where did it go? I don't want summer to end!

We were driving home from work last Friday and we saw the most gorgeous rainbow.

Last week was a lot of fun, but so busy. We are leading two small groups, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. We went to dinner with co-workers and their family and somewhere in there we did laundry, cleaned, and prepared for our small groups. It is a busy season, but I'm thankful for all the wonderful relationships and opportunities God has put in our lives right now.

Garth and I stopped at this specialty store after dinner with co-workers Wednesday night. This store was so much fun. We did wine tastings and had fun checking out all the local beers and cheeses. We even purchased a Detroit Barbecue Rub. 

They had the most gorgeous flowers. I just could not get over the bright, vibrant colors.

We leave for vacation in a couple weeks and I could NOT be more excited! Do you have any recommendations of where we should go in Traverse City? Any beach reads I should pick up?

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stribble29 said...

The Language of Flowers......a must read!