Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Vacuum Story

Sooooo we just purchased vacuum #4 in our five years of marriage. Fourth time is the charm, right? Isn't she beautiful?

Let me explain... We bought our first vacuum shortly after our wedding. Side note:  Look how young Garth looks in that picture? I don't know what it was, but putting together that first vacuum really made me feel like a wife. It was cheap, but effective and powerful for it's size. 

Garth's sister needed a vacuum a couple months later so we gave her this little guy and purchased a new one. I think it was a Bissell. It was a great vacuum, but it was a monster. It lasted a couple years and then IT happened. I was vacuuming our bedroom and picked up the curtains to vacuum under them and the dang vacuum sucked up the curtains. I quickly turned it off and it was smoking and stinky. Bless his heart, Garth tried to fix the darn thing. Took the whole thing apart, but it was dead.

So we purchased vacuum #3. Another Bissell. Another monster of a vacuum. It was the biggest pain to vacuum the stairs since it was so heavy. But it worked so well. I loved that thing. After dog sitting the hairiest golden retriever, that sucker picked up every last hair.

Then one fateful day Garth was vacuuming the man cave and ran over a guitar string. He tried to unwind the string, but the vacuum was never the same. It was REALLY loud. But it still worked so we used it for another couple months until last weekend it finally died. It wouldn't even turn on. 

Enter vacuum #4. It is another cheapo (you would think we would learn!) but this time it was so much lighter. It was powerful, effective and vacuuming the stairs is a breeze. I hope this one is a keeper. But just in case, I bought the warranty this time.


Kenya said...

That's a lot of vacuums!!! Hope this one stays for awhile

AfterGirl said...

Well if you bought the warranty then it will at least out last the warranty! Ha,Ha!! Good luck

Lauren said...

ughh...a crappy vaccuum is the worst!

We have a shark that we LOVE, my parents bought it for us for Christmas!