Monday, June 17, 2013

Menu Monday

Happy Monday! It was such a fun weekend of working around the house, going out to dinner to celebrate my three year anniversary at work, and hosting my family for Father's Day. Here is what we have on the menu for the week:

Monday - Leftover brats from yesterday's cookout 


Tuesday - Rachel's Skinny Crock Pot Thai Peanut Chicken. This looks so good and is there anything better than a healthy crock pot meal? Bonus is it seems like take out!


Wednesday - Falafel Burgers with Feta. I think I am most excited for this recipe this week. I hope they are yummy!

Thursday - Leftovers.


Friday - Basil, Tomato, and Garlic Pasta. Pasta night is back and it is always a favorite in our house. The only change is I will use whole wheat pasta.

I have found doing a day or two of leftovers is less overwhelming for me and I tend to stick to the meal plan a lot better. Also, I found the weekends are too unpredictable to meal plan so we just go with the flow. I like being flexible and being able to meet friends for dinner at a moment's notice or just make something from the freezer. We always have Lean Cuisines  and Trader Joe apps in there for those times we don't know what to eat.

What is on your menu this week?


Lauren said...

we've started doing leftovers or just quick & easy sandwiches a few nights a week and it makes things so much easier. And I've stopped beating myself up about fixing sandwiches or using leftovers...I'd rather use that stuff than throw perfectly good away that's gone bad!

Anonymous said...

I always find it hard to be motivated to cook after working all day - but I want to:) I discovered a blog the other day that has really inspired me - her recipes looks yummy. Tonight I'm going to try her honey jalapeno chicken tacos.

Really enjoy your blog!
Thanks, mags