Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Monday

How is the weekend over already? It went so fast. Friday night we had friends over and grilled brats and played games. Good times. The rest of the weekend was extremely low key, which was just what we needed after an insane week. We slept in, went for long walks, watched Duck Dynasty, grilled, and took naps. Perfection. Sometimes you just need those kinds of weekends to unwind and feel refreshed again. I woke up this morning rejuvenated and ready for the week! I was up at 5:30 doing my morning devotional and did The Shred Level 1.

Warning: This week is pretty boring. My goal is to start losing two pounds a week so I need to really be strict on my calorie intake. 


Yesterday I made low-carb egg quiche for a quick, healthy breakfast option all week. I also made a batch of brown rice for dinners during the week. If I prepare ahead of time I will be successful!

Here is what is on the meal plan this week:



Thursday - Curry Chicken
Friday - Date night

Funny story - My phone said it was going to be 57 degrees and sunny Sunday so I had brussel sprouts and steak out for Garth to grill. Well, it was 36 degrees and snowing so poor Garth was outside in the freezing cold and snow! The food was delicious though!

What's on your menu?


Renise said...

LOL @ grilling in the snow! I have always wanted to do that since I saw Cliff do it on the Cosby Show! I think we're going to try that grilled chicken stir-fry! It looks yummy! Have a great week!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Yum! That spinach and fetta casserole sound delicious.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

We grilled out for the first time since last summer! Thankfully it wasn't in the snow!

Your menus always looks so good! I feel like I make the same 10-12 things over and over again!

Adrienne said...

Looks delish! Yay for healthy eating!

Shanny said...

Your Menu Mondays always leave me hungry lol

Yum ;)

Anonymous said...

Watch how much you restrict your calories, too low a calorie intake will keep you from losing any weight. Keep smiling!

Adrienne said...

How was the taco casserole? I was going to make that tonight, but baking the sour cream kind of grosses me out. Was it gross? Did it reheat well?