Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Rewind: 5k Edition

This weekend was a lot of fun. After work on Friday we went to my boss' house for dinner. We ate good food and played games. My co-workers are funny and we had a great time and laughed lots. 

Saturday was race day! Waking up early was the hardest part. Seriously. But we woke up and drove out to Lansing for the Run for the House 5k.

We arrived in time to watch the kids' sprint which was adorable and we tried to stay warm. It was 30 degrees. Brrr!

Ready to run! But first we had to take a picture with Ronald McDonald.

Usually clowns kinda freak me out, but he was super nice and funny. He remembered our names and we ran into about five more times during the race and he would cheer for us. Nice guy!

We ran a little in the beginning, but mostly just walked. It was a lot of fun. The trail weaved in and out nice subdivisions so it was scenic and enjoyable. There were lots of people cheering us on along the way.

We finished! I was so excited to receive a medal. You better believe I'm hanging it next to Garth's Chicago Marathon Medal. Good times.

We went out to lunch to celebrate our first 5k together. Victory beer never tasted so good!

We came home and watched Flight which was so sad, but also really good. It illustrated the power of addiction very well.

Sunday we slept in and it was incredible. I needed one day of the weekend to sleep in. We went for a good two mile walk and then made tacos for lunch and enjoyed a lazy day. Perfection.

How was your weekend?


Rebecca Jo said...

I'd hang the metal right next to his as well :) good job!

Kenya said...

Awesome job!

Shanny said...

Yay for your 5K and the victory beer ;)